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Mon, Jan 31, 2011
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Your spouse, my partner - why they do it

MOST of us know a story or two, or three, about "predators" and "home-wreckers" -- that "so-and-so" who is dating a married man or woman.

We talk about them in hushed tones. They make excellent fodder for gossip.

But have we ever wondered why these singletons go for those who are already tied down by the bonds of matrimony?

Why pursue a complicated relationship when there are other fish in the sea?

There are several reasons, explain International Medical University psychology head Professor Dr Ray Wilks and Universiti Malaya Department of Psychology and Counselling Professor Dr Suradi Salim.

One of the motivations, says Wilks, is the thrill of the chase.

"It's the thrill of wanting something you know you shouldn't have."


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