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Sun, Mar 06, 2011
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They were married but available

Sue* was 20 when she began an affair with a married man.

He was much older and always showered her with gifts.

She liked the attention and the fact that there was no commitment in the relationship.

"Only six months into the relationship, did I find out that he was married.

"Initially I was angry with him for not telling me. I wanted to break up but he persuaded me with expensive gifts. I got diamonds and branded gifts.

"Then I realised that I had a good thing going with him and it would be foolish to stop.

"We enjoyed each others' company. We met whenever we could. There was no fixed time or date."

She also decided to carry on because she found out that he had an open marriage with his wife.

"His wife knew of his affairs and she was also involved in sexual relationships with other men.

"This made it even easier for me to carry on."

The best part of the relationship, says Sue, was that she could go out with other men.

"He did not want to be committed to the relationship and so was I.

"So, I went out with other men, married or single, as long as they did not become possessive.

"I found that more and more married men were attracted to me. I did not turn them down. It was basically for sexual pleasure."

Did she not feel guilty that these men had wives and children? What about the possibility of breaking up a family?

"Well, frankly no. I was single and had nothing to lose. They were married but available.

"I saw no harm, just borrowing them for a while to have fun. With these men, the feeling was mutual. Nothing was for the long haul.

"I had no intention of marrying any of them. I was not possessive over any of them. Neither were they."

Sue, who is in her 30s now, says she always remains good friends with all her lovers, married or not.

* All names have been changed

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