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Fri, Sep 03, 2010
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When Adrian met Tracie
by Charlene Chua

Perhaps the most heartwarming wedding for Goei was Pang’s, as he was the best man.

It took place in London 15 years ago as Goei and the Pangs were living there then.

Said Pang, 44: “At our registry wedding, when the registrar asked who our two witnesses were, Tracie indicated her best friend Sharon.

“I was a little unprepared so I instantly went into actor’s ‘improv’ and gestured to Glen. He registered surprise, took a split second to say yes and stepped forward to assume his role like a pro.”

Pang and his 41-year-old wife had met in 1994 when Goei staged The Magic Fundoshi, Into The Woods and Kampong Amber here.

Before that, Goei had directed The Magic Fundoshi in London.

The Pangs had worked closely on these three productions – she being the stage manager and he the actor – that ran from February to June that year.

As Goei put it, “something must have happened in between”.

He said that he didn’t find out about their relationship until the three of them flew back to London and Pang finally told him.

Said Pang: “Glen definitely has a knack for bringing people together. He just has this energy, this aura about him that makes people gravitate around him.

“Relationships are then vicariously formed from there. It’s pretty special. He’s pretty special.”

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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