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Tue, Feb 02, 2010
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Women want to be treated with respect

Continuation of Lena's story...

Treat me with respect

For some months after that, M and I didn’t do anything. He didn’t even hold my hand. For once in my life, I knew what it was like to be in a relationship with a man who treated me like a respectable woman.

The first time we had sex, it was funny. We laughed and joked. He was also very gentle with me. From that moment on, I didn’t look back.

When we were together, I was happy. We talked about everyday stuff and enjoyed each other’s company. We saw each other once or twice a week. At that stage his wife was working in Hong Kong.

He adored me, imperfections and all. He was proud of my work. Because of his family background and good looks, he had beautiful young starlets throwing themselves at him. But he only saw me.

One day, I met an American woman living in Malaysia who needed counselling. She told me that her husband was having an affair with the second wife of a Tan Sri and how absolutely heartbroken she was. That struck me like a physical blow – I felt her pain. I told myself I could not do it anymore.

Around the same time, M’s mother handed him a decree: he and his wife had to be a proper family, and not live separately. So his wife returned to the family home.

We broke up six months ago. It was meant to happen.

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