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Sun, Nov 08, 2009
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Put sex myths to bed (part 3)

Fact or fiction? We yank the covers off bedroom falsehoods so that you can have smarter, more liberated sex! Here are 12 sex myths debunked.

...Continued from Part 2.

9. Happy couples always have good sex all the time - FALSE!

Pigs will fly if a couple, who has been married for half a lifetime, is still having crazy-horse sex every night. All of us have different standards of what makes terrific sex, so it is something very subjective. But of course, it helps if partners have a strong relationship going - that way, the experience of making love will always be sweeter.

10. Men are more promiscuous than women - TRUE!

This is most likely true because it is in nature's way that men have the ability and are governed by the need to procreate. But promiscuity in men probably happens by much less than you think. The Times of India stated that in a poll about sex lives, men overestimate while women underestimate, due to societal pressures.

The level of promiscuity also depends on how attractive the people in question are. An attractive, sexually liberated woman is likely to have had more partners than a not-so-fab-looking guy around the same age, reported the Indian publication.

11. Women don't like porn or dirty sex - FALSE!

According to the Times of India, women love porn. UK tabloid, The Sun, also reported that 66% of women surveyed watch porn.

X-rated films give women new ideas and tricks to experiment with to make their partners happy. Online magazine, stated in an article: "With porn, women get to experiment with making adult choices and trying on new fantasy ideas, just as we might try a different brand of condom for a change."

But The Sun reported that women in relationships, disliked porn when they catch their partners watching explicit programmes.

12. Men always want sex - FALSE!

Give your partner more credit than that. But if he is 18 and has landed his first girlfriend, then perhaps it is true.

Otherwise, as men get older, fact is, there is more to life than sex. The Times of India stated the example that responsibilities from work and daily pressures of bills can weigh a man down and sex is not on his mind all the time. But it is also true that men are ready to jump into bed the minute they are turned on.

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