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Sun, Nov 08, 2009
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Put sex myths to bed (part 2)

Fact or fiction? We yank the covers off bedroom falsehoods so that you can have smarter, more liberated sex! Here are 12 sex myths debunked.

...Continued from Part 1.

5. Condoms are 100% safe - FALSE!

Condoms are a highly effective form of contraception, as well as a great way of preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). But there is always the chance that condoms can and do break, so it is always a smart move to use them in conjunction with other forms of contraception such as the pill.

6. You can't get pregnant while on the pill - FALSE!

The chances of getting pregnant while taking the birth control pill are close to zero as a standard pill is said to be about 99.5% effective - if you follow all the instructions scrupulously. But according to The Times of India, if you miss pills, are on antibiotics, or have flu and diarrhoea, you need to use condoms for the next seven days.

7. Peeing after sex washes out sperm and prevents pregnancy - FALSE!

Peeing is peeing. Your urine exits from the urethra and not the vaginal opening. You cannot flush sperm out by peeing.  

8. Men want sex more than women do - FALSE!

Women want sex as much as men - but they are guided by other emotions as well. A combination of pressures and exhaustion from work and taking care of the household are good enough reasons to go off sex completely.

Hormonal changes and mood swings also make them feel more desirable on some days than others, so they are likely to have a higher in sex drive during certain points of the month, rather than crave for sex perpetually.

And like it or not, most women like men to initiate. They are unlikely to beg for sex.

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