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Fri, 16 Sep 2011
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Are you a victim of 'date abuse'?

Counsellors and psychologists here say they are seeing more cases of ‘date abuse’ involving unmarried women, The Straits Times (ST) reported.

Although no official figures are available, experts say the trend may be attributable to more sufferers seeking help, or that perhaps the incidences of abuse are rising.
A psychologist and counsellor the newspaper spoke to each said that they dealt with 40 cases of 'date abuse' in the past year, of which the numbers are increasing.  
According to the ST report, women who suffer from abuse come from all walks of life. The type of abuse ranges from receiving verbal insults and threats, to being punched and forced into sex.
Experts also noted that the better-educated and more financially stable women tend to delay getting help as they feel like they should be able to sort out the situation themselves.
Mani Joseph, a counsellor with Asian Women's Welfare Association, told ST that some women view their partners' violence as a mere character flaw and do not recognise that they are being abused.
There are some rare cases of men being the victims - they are subjected to abuse like blunt words and jealous behaviour from their partners. In some cases, physical hurt like scratching can occur.
Under the local judicial system, unmarried couples are not allowed to apply for personal protection orders in such cases of abuse.

However, a magistrate’s complaint can be lodged, ST said. Besides seeking help via counselling and helplines, cases of abuse can also be reported to the police.

What are some of the tell-tale signs of women suffering from 'dating abuse'? Click on the photos to find out.

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#1: She expresses fear or reluctance when she has to meet her boyfriend. (Posed photo: ST)
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