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Mon, Apr 20, 2009
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Old vs New at Aware

What's the controversy surrounding the new Aware team? Find out all the latest updates here.

  • Ill-fated coup
    Supporters of the old guard cheered during the marathon seven-hour Aware EGM at Suntec Singapore on Saturday as a vote of no confidence was carried.
  • A day of decision
    Quietly, they entered the Aware fray, unaware of the drama they were about to cause. And last night, the new guard of Aware left (for a moment) as steathily as they had come, via the back door.
  • How I became aware
    On Saturday, May 2, 2009, a group of women uttered a battle cry and won back more than what they had lost.
  • A time for reflection
    With the new guard out, Aware members breathe a sigh of relief. But is it really over? There's still that small matter of the $90,000 spent in the one month the new guard had control of Aware
  • Feminist Mentor no more
    She called herself 'lion-hearted', yet was booed whenever she took the mike. Was Dr Thio Su Mien the mentor she claimed, or was she, as some say, simply patronising?
  • New guard ousted
    Exco of women's group steps down after raucous seven-hour meeting and control goes back to the veterans
  • The day we all became Aware
    The idea for Aware arose from a forum called 'Women's Choices, Women's Lives' at the National University of Singapore Society, in November 1984, attended by about 50 women.
  • Aware new guard can air views in media
    Aware's new leaders should air their concerns about the old guard's position in the media, so that the public can see what they are trying to achieve.
  • He's our 'legal adviser'
    He sat impassively while the ladies smiled and joked. Just as the new guard had a mysterious figure, the new guard had a new character of its own. Who is he?
  • Dr Thio who?
    She burst onto the Aware stage at the press conference of the new guard, claiming to have 'mentored' most of them. But most of the old guard don't even remember who she was.
  • It was like a cocktail party
    It was a press conference that was markedly different from the one at Raffles Town Club the day before. Calm, cheerful, almost gleeful, the old guard of Aware met the media yesterday to give out their version of the facts.
  • Office locks changed
    At around 10pm, Ms Lau and three of her exco members arrived at the Aware centre. Soon after that, the police arrived - for the second time.
  • Petition against new AWARE
    They believe the new group to have taken over Aware has values that are opposed to what Aware stands for.
  • I don't care who's in power
    In the bitter fight between the two factions of Aware's women, one group has so far remained on the sidelines: The association's male members. Do the men get it? Do they care?
  • 'What did she do to deserve position?'
    Taken by surprise, Aware veterans question merits of new members standing for recent election This is what happened during the Aware AGM, as told by four members who attended the meeting.

  • Aware president announced
    There is a new woman in the hot seat. Ms Josie Lau Meng-Lee is now head of Singapore's foremost women's organisation.

  • New team pledges to work for full equality of the sexes
    They intend to build on the solid foundations laid by the founders of Aware and will continue to promote the participation of women, on equal terms with men, in the political, social, economic and cultural life of our society.


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