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Wed, Nov 06, 2013
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Teary union
by Jocelyn Lee

Singapore - It was a touching union full of surprises and happy tears at Hong Kong-based Taiwanese actress Charlie Young's wedding at W Hotel Singapore last Saturday.

Hong Kong singer-actress Gigi Leung, who hosted the four-hour event with Malaysian actress Angelica Lee, had put together a surprise video for the bride and aired it during the wedding dinner.

The video showed photo montages of Young, Leung, Lee and Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu, who was Young's bridesmaid.

The four are close friends in the showbiz circle, with Leung and Lee playing the roles of Young's jie meis (Mandarin for sisters) as well.

Speaking to the media after the wedding had ended, at close to 1am, a beaming Leung, 37, said in Cantonese: "Charlie didn't know we had a video for her and all of us cried when it was aired.

It was a very touching moment.

"I put together our photos, the oldest dating back to 1993.

"Looking at them, I realised how long we've known one another. It brought back good memories."

Leung's video was not the only one shown at the wedding dinner in the white-and-gold ballroom with 34 tables.


Young, 39, dedicated a video to her Singaporean husband, Mr Khoo Shao Tze, a 43-year-old secretary to the Indonesian Tourism minister.

The video featured loving pictures of the couple, who had dated for almost 20 years, on annual holidays.

Young also paid tribute to her parents and in-laws, saying: "Thank you for being understanding towards the fact that I am a celebrity and that sometimes attract public attention.

"I am very touched and had cried several times today."

Local actress-host Andrea De Cruz, who knows Mr Khoo as he patronises Cinq Salon, where she is one of the partners, attended the nuptials with her actor-husband Pierre Png, 39.

The 38-year-old told The New Paper: "I have known him for almost eight years. It's a beautiful wedding. I teared when Charlie dedicated her video to Shao Tze.

"Gigi sang a Faye Wong number on stage for the couple, too.

"Gigi and the jie meis also prepared a small angel figurine dedicated to Charlie as the wedding favour."

Mr Khoo had a surprise for his bride - he sang the Boyzone ballad Words.

In his speech before dinner was served, he said: "I am not nervous at all as I have been ready for this marriage for 20 years."

Png, 39, said: "Shao Tze did a very good job for someone who isn't that comfortable being on stage.

"I think his singing was the highlight of the wedding because it was very touching."

Another guest, local celebrity hairstylist David Gan, who is in his late 40s, got to know Mr Khoo during his early modelling days.

Gan said: "It was such a beautiful and classic wedding. I was so touched I cried."

Local media personality Darryl David, who was Mr Khoo's classmate at Raffles Junior College, rushed to the wedding at 10pm after an event.

The 43-year-old said: "As the couple have known each other since they were very young, there is a certain kind of purity to their relationship.

"They have finally got married after so many years. It feels like a fairy tale wedding."

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