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Tue, Sep 11, 2012
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My S'pore boyfriends were not driven, boring dependent, childish
by Ng Ee Ching

After she broke up with her Singaporean boyfriend two years ago, Miss Ang had enough of local men.

Her ex had called her materialistic after she told him that being content with a future salary of $3,000 a month was not good enough for her.

“So I decided I wanted someone different,” Miss Ang said.

The 21-year-old set her sights on Caucasian men, and 10 months after she broke up, she got her wish.

She met her current German boyfriend, 25, at the smoking area outside a Clarke Quay pub. He approached her and started a conversation.

“Normally, Singaporean men would not be so bold,” she said.

When Miss Ang met The New Paper on Sunday, she was wearing a tight white tank top and black jeans. She carried a Longchamp bag and though Singaporean, spoke with a Western accent.

We asked her point-blank when we met her on Friday: Are you a Sarong Party Girl (SPG)?

SPG is a term used to describe local girls who hunt for Caucasian partners.

Posts in online forums have described SPGs using terms such as “slutty”and “bimbos”.

Said Miss Ang: “Actually, I think the term SPG is very rude. The idea of an SPG is that of an Asian girl who likes white men for their money. But not all Caucasian men are as rich as you think they are.”

She added: “I love my boyfriend because he is very reserved and simple.”

When asked whether there are any differences between dating an expat and a local Singaporean, Miss Ang said: “Yes. A very vast difference.”

She adds: “I have dated three local men before, and they were all very childish and dependent. In fact, they are still living with their parents.

“Local men are also less ambitious compared to expats.”

Miss Ang added that there is a difference in their mindset.

“Locals think that girls who dress up and go to parties a lot have loose morals. When Caucasians see girls like this, they think, ‘Wow, she is really outgoing’.”

Miss Ang also said that being with her Caucasian boyfriend has changed her for the better. For example, she has lea

rnt to dress up more for events. She also had more chances to travel.

She added: “I love travelling a lot. Previously, I only had the chance to travel to places like Malaysia and Thailand. But now, my boyfriend andI take trips to Europe.”

She said her parents have tried to persuade her to settle down with a local man before.

Miss Ang, who declined to let us speak to them, explained: “My parents prefer a Chinese boy because of the language barrier. I don’t mind local men, but so far, noone can meet my expectations.”

In our search for other women who preferred Caucasian men, we headed to Clarke Quay, which was listed on an expat online forum as a place for foreigners and expats to meet local girls.

When we arrived there, the action was in full swing.

Among the 10 women we saw targeting expats there, only two were willing to speakto us.

One of them was Miss Tasha K, a Singaporean.

The 24-year-old executive assistant said: “I can always strike a conversation with them.

“There are some cultural barriers to overcome, as locals have a lot more rules and are more conservative. But it’s also good as it means that we talk more, and there is honest communication between us.”

Miss Tasha stopped dating local guys when she was 20.

She maintained: “With local guys, it’s always the same old thing. You go on date after date, and you get married.

“It gets very boring. At this age, you want to go out and explore, and I find that I can do that with expats.”

Filipina Michelle M. Encabo, 28, also prefers Caucasians.

She is in a relationship with a 42-year-old English man.

She said she likes to date Caucasians because they are more easy-going compared to locals.

She added: “I also want to have beautiful children who are mixed blood, to create diversity in the family.”

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readers' comments
Ms Ang, what's wrong with adult men living with parents ? You are probably living with your parents too at age 21. You call that as being dependent on parents ? Where is your filial piety ? You are so myopic, please keep your lame excuse.

In fact, let's face it. Women are dating expats for 2 things. The carrot or the stick. And most women have the idea that expats have deep pockets (and hence good carrots) or Big stick. They date expats to have a shiok shiok bed time.

If you really want a good life partner, no need to go clarke quay to find. Work place may have expats too ! In fact, that's where you can observe if they are ambitious or not. A focused man is a charming man. Not a tipsy man. Things always look more attractive .....
Posted by angmoboho on Wed, 12 Sep 2012 at 16:57 PM

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