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Wed, May 09, 2012
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Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui heartbroken

Taiwanese pop princess Cyndi Wang, 29, (above, right) stepped forward recently to proclaim her innocence in the much talked-about love triangle between her, model-turned-actress Sonia Sui (above, left) and her longtime boyfriend Yao Wen Hao, 30.

Still, the drama keeps unfolding as more stories were dug out by the press.

Sui, 31, said she was stunned yet could not do anything, as she found out "things that she didn't know in the past" through the media's reports.

"Reading the news everyday and seeing how these things that I didn't know being dug up, I can't describe my shock and helplessness. I feel as if my heart is being cut with a knife over and over again," she said in tears when told about Wang's denial of stealing Yao away from her.

Despite that, she had nothing but kind words for her former flame, insisting that he's a good person and pleading with the media to leave him alone.

"Over the past 10 years, Yao Wen Hao had been kind to me. I'm grateful. Please don't hurt him. I wish them all the best. I send my deepest blessings to the man I used to love the most," she said sadly.


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