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Sun, Nov 14, 2010
Daily Chili
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Naked wedding pics - the latest craze in China

A trade association for wedding photographers in China is calling for a ban on naked portraits of newlyweds, a new trend among the country's young couples.

The Shanghai Wedding Trade Association said the practice disrespects the institution of marriage and warned it would press the government to ban any studio that takes such photos, the Shanghai Daily reported.

"We don't advocate such wedding photographs as they are out of keeping with the conservative traditions of Chinese people," the association's vice president He Lina was quoted as saying.

"Weddings should be holy ceremonies, so we hope young people can show respect."

Unlike in the West, Chinese wedding photos are normally taken months before the ceremony and show couples posing in Western and Chinese outfits.

Some studios have begun offering couples the option of portraits of them wearing nothing at all or with strategically placed sheets or other objects covering their bodies, the newspaper reported.

Lawyer Liu Chunquan told the newspaper that there was nothing illegal about taking naked portraits, but said anyone who spreads such photos in the public domain could face pornography charges.

However, some samples of purported naked wedding photos have been posted on the internet, prompting a debate over privacy and the wisdom of posing nude.

Fans of the photos say they capture a couple's deep love and intimacy, the newspaper wrote.


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