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Thu, Aug 05, 2010
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Ex-wife appeals for more maintenance after divorce
by Chong Shin Yen

Not enough
His China-born ex-wife wanted more and appealed.

That was when the man decided to gather evidence of her extra income and to show that she was earning more than him. He said a friend had told him in October last year that she was allegedly moonlighting as a prostitute.

“I was disgusted by her behaviour but we were already divorced then, so I couldn’t stop her,”he said. “But I was angry when she filed an appeal.”

The court eventually ordered that she be given another $10,000 for the flat.

But before that, the man gave her number to the PI, who called her. The PI told the man that his ex-wife admitted to prostituting herself and quoted $150 for each transaction.

A trap  was set.

The PI put a pin-hole camera inside a budget hotel room before taking the man’s ex-wife there on June 29. Said the man: “The PI told me that my ex-wife switched off the lights in the room after collecting $150 from him. 

“The camera could not capture anything and they had to do it again the next day.”

This time, the PI kept the lights on in the toilet and left the toilet door ajar so that it was bright enough. The 10-minute video footage, with audio, was taken on June 30. It was later handed to the man, though it was not shown in court.

The grainy footage, with a time counter, showed the PIand a woman entering a room around 6.30pm.

The woman sat on the bed and told the PI to have a shower first. He later emerged from the toilet with a towel wrapped around his waist. The woman then went into the toilet while the man stood in front of the mirror blow-drying his hair.

The clip, which was seen by The New Paper, did not show what happened in the room after that.

A separate video later showed the couple emerging from the hotel and the PI handing money to her in his van.

When we asked the man if the PI had sex with his ex-wife, he replied: “I don’t know. The PI told me not to ask. He said his job was to prove that she was prostituting herself. “

"I don’t really care too if they did it.”

The PI, who was paid $2,800, said in his report that sexual transactions did take place on both days. The man said that he and the woman had been matchmade by relatives.
She visited Singapore for the first time in September 1997. Within two weeks of meeting each other, they registered their marriage here.

She became a Singapore citizen in 2002.

Their relationship started going downhill in 2007 when she went to work at a food centre as a stall assistant.

“She said she was bored at home and wanted to work,” said the man.

“But not long after, she started to return home from work only after midnight and sometimes as late as 2am.”

The stall where the ex-wife worked closed at 9.30pm.

When the man questioned her, she would say she had missed the last bus and had to walk home or that she had gone for supper with friends.

In January 2008, the man engaged a PI to check on his wife as he suspected her of having an affair. The PI caught her going into a hotel with another man– who turned out to be a stall assistant at the same food centre.

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