updated 26 Jul 2014, 15:55
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Sat, 05 Apr 2014
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37-year-old Barbie Hsu will give birth to 'big baby' in April

Barbie Hsu and her husband, Wang Xiaofei will be welcoming their first baby soon.

The 37-year-old Barbie is due to give birth in end April.

Earlier, Dee Hsu revealed that her sister, Barbie is expecting a big baby as she has a big tummy.

Barbie is also looking forward to the arrival of her baby, Yes Entertainment reported via Asianpopnews.

She posted on her Weibo recently, "A bulky body also can't trap an agile hand and brain. After unloading the good, we, the two wolves will travel around the world!"

Barbie's mother revealed that Xiaofei is particularly very nervous about the arrival of his first baby.

During Barbie's pregnancy, the doting husband would often cook for Barbie, and makes sure she has nutritious meals.

As the temperatures fluctuate a lot in Beijing, Barbie will most likely give birth in Taiwan.

She has also moved back to her home in Taiwan to prepare for the childbirth.

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Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu confirmed her pregnancy, via a photo uploaded on Weibo on Nov 2, 2013.
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