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Mon, Jun 14, 2010
The New Paper
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Many women suffer in silence
by Ng Wan Ching

What doctors say
Dr Tan does not know the number of women suffering from PMDD here but thinks it should not differ too much from worldwide figures.

He sees one or two new cases a month, calling this the “tip of the iceberg”.

“Many women suffer in silence and do not come for treatment. They may not even know that they can be treated,” he said.

He hopes that more women will come for treatment as the latest scientific studies show that the Pill is an effective treatment for PMS and PMDD.

“In Singapore, we co-manage these cases with psychiatrists, who may prescribe anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs such as Prozac,” he said.

General practitioner Dr Tan Kok Kuan, chief medical officer of Robertson Medical Practice, said that the practice’s two GP clinics see about 60 women every month
who suffer from PMS. Of these, 10 to 20 have PMDD.

Dr Adrian Wang, consultant psychiatrist at Gleneagles Medical Centre, who has one such case every few months, said: “Many women don’t like the idea of seeing a psychiatrist, so the GP or O&G will often manage this condition,” he said.

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readers' comments

Truce. I am not that bad. I know a helluva lot about PMS and do empathise with the fact that the issuing of a live egg does trigger a hypothetical need to fertilise it; and most certainly an ending of the PMS symptoms if said egg is fertilised successfully.

The pregnancy symptoms of Morning Sickness are simply because of the massive cell division in Trimester One causing a rumpus indeed in the stomach area.

Take me with a Pinch of Salt. By saying this I know I sound:

(a) Defensive; and
(b) Like I'm digging myself out of a hole...

But I just talk like I'm down the pub that's all.
Posted by Trouser Press on Mon, 14 Jun 2010 at 17:28 PM
If people try posting at other Singapore threads, the women will likely suffer more stress from Female-Bashing Sanity Dysphoric syndrome from the likes of Trouser Press, TuaSoyliap & other chauvanistic pigs that is the cause of such rue over there..
Posted by RedDotter1 on Mon, 14 Jun 2010 at 17:22 PM
I used to have this problem. You should stop eating chicken meat will solve the problem. Sometimes the PMS is caused by the stress of having to go through menstration. So much hassle, only a woman can understand. After so many year I still can't accept why woman need to go through it. After having 2 children, its still bothering me whether it come or not! I feel that it is a curse for all woman!
Posted by judyspt on Mon, 14 Jun 2010 at 16:38 PM

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