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Wed, Nov 19, 2008
The Star
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Singer wants cheating wife to shut up or come home

TAIWANESE singer Harlem Yu, whose wife Annie Shizuka Inoh cheated on him, has suggested that she should refrain from making any more statements or return to Taiwan before Chinese New Year, reported China Press.

The daily reported that Yu hoped that his family could enjoy some peaceful time after photos of Shizuka Inoh and Taiwanese actor Huang Wei De holding hands in public were released on the Internet recently.

According to the couple's friend, Shizuka Inoh had wanted to return to Taiwan from China to discuss her future with Yu.

"However, Yu wanted Annie to give each other some time to cool things off and not say anything else to the media for the time being," the friend said.

The friend said Yu hoped Shizuka Inoh could consider the feelings of their family members and not hurt them any more.

The daily said both Yu's mother and the couple's son Harrison had been forced to stay home after news of Annie's affair spread.

Yu had since clarified that he and his wife "were not divorced or separated."

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