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Fri, Mar 05, 2010
The New Paper
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Jaymee had a gut feeling about pregnancy
by Germaine Lim

ACTRESS-HOST Jaymee Ong did not have any pre-natal symptoms like fainting spells and bloatedness.

It was all down to a gut feeling. Jaymee, who married Australian Matthew Heath last February, said she just felt she “could be pregnant” – even before her next period was due.

That latent maternal instinct was proven right last Christmas.

The eBuzz presenter is four months pregnant with her first child and is due in August.

Jaymee, 30, told The New Paper: “I took two home pregnancy test kits from two different brands and both were positive. Then I went to my doctor for a third confirmation. I just couldn’t believe it was really happening.

“I think my parents (who live in Australia) cried a little when I told them. I’m very happy and extremely excited.”

Jaymee said she and Mr Heath, a 30-year-old electrical engineer, were “ready for a family” and were not using contraceptives.

She does not know the sex of the baby but the couple have no preferences.

Jaymee, who recently became a Singapore permanent resident, said she and Mr Heath intend to bring their childup here.

At first, Jaymee wanted to keep mum about the good news because she was concerned that it may clash with her character as a single woman in the upcoming Channel 5 telemovie, Seven Days. The show, which co-stars Felicia Chin and Shawn Tok, centres on three couples and their love and commitmentto each other. It airson27 Marat 10pm.

According to Jaymee, MediaCorp quickly reassured her that her pregnancy would not affect filming.

In the last six years since she moved to Singapore, the Chinese Australian babe has cultivated a sexy image as a model and host. But she is not worried that being a mum will take a toll on her career.

“If you look at Hollywood, there are plenty of celebs who have had children and aren’t inhibited in their careers.”

The most suggestive role she has taken on is one where she had to appear topless on US TV drama series Las Vegas in 2003.

“If I get back in shape after pregnancy, and if I feel the script calls for (me appearing topless), I will do it.”

Jaymee says she does not have any food cravings though she eats ice cream nearly every day now simply because “I can”.

“I’m not concerned with putting on weight... I will deal with losing weight after the pregnancy. Right now, I have to think what’s going to be best for the baby.”

She still exercises regularly but has stopped intense workouts like 5km runs and Ashtanga yoga. Instead, she is doing pre-natal yoga which she says is more soothing and focuses on breathing.

She says she intends to take only a month off after she gives birth.

“I’m fortunate because my schedule is flexible.

That’s why I think I won’t have to take the usual three months of maternity leave.

We’re also going to hire a helper.”


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