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Sun, Feb 28, 2010
Simply Her
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SEX CRIME #1: You are all too familiar bedfellows with the Desperate Housewives

How often have you caught yourself going, “It’s ending soon. Just another five minutes?” And you weren’t talking about an extra five minutes of nooky time. That five minutes in front of the telly turns into 30 minutes and by the time you switch off the TV, both of you are too tired to get anything on besides your pyjamas.

“A TV is a distraction that may cause you to tune out each other and the issues in your life or relationship,” says Dr Martha Lee, founder and clinical sexologist of Eros Coaching.

An Italian study found that couples who have a TV in the bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t.

Daniel Koh, a psychologist with Insights Mind Centre, says a TV makes a room mechanical and routine, and besides being a distraction for couples during sex, it also becomes the focal point of the room.

“The brain needs to learn that the bedroom and the bed are meant for sleep and sex and nothing else, so it can relax,” he adds.

To stop yourself from turning into a desperate housewife, relegate the idiot box to another room. Your sex life should take precedence in your bedroom, not somebody else’s makebelieve sex life.

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