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Wed, Nov 18, 2009
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Pregnant workers as good as the rest

I REFER to the letter, “Have sympathy for bosses of pregnant workers” (my paper, Nov 16).

It is not easy to get pregnant.

There are many factors involved when a couple decides to have a baby, such as age and family needs.

I know many couples who have been trying for a baby for years.

The letter writer said that employees should have children only after over a year on the job.

If so, should a woman who has been struggling to conceive get a new job and become pregnant at the same time, would her job be at risk?

Also, is it reasonable for employees to start a family only after having worked at a company for more than a year?

Bear in mind also that the Government is encouraging Singaporeans to have more children.

The letter writer also said that a new employee’s contribution during the first three to six months on the job is not commensurate with her salary.

Everyone has to start somewhere and many new employees put in extra hours in a bid to get a grip on their duties.

Pregnant employees are no less competent than non-pregnant ones.

I dare say that some of us even put in more effort. Ultimately, employees are judged by their work and whether bosses appreciate their efforts.

There are many stories about pregnant workers being laid off or being underpaid or denied maternity benefits.

However, alerting others about the plight we are in is all that we can do.

There are measures we can take against our employers, but the damage has already been done.

Should we decide to continue working in a company after taking action against it, we could expect to be treated differently from other workers.

Could men understand what pregnant workers go through?

Do they think that we would rather work than stay at home and rest if we had a choice?

Ms Chua Su-Lyn

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