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Fri, Jan 07, 2011
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Fab fads for your wedding
by Cheryl Lim

Are you planning your wedding any time soon?

Do you get excited about weddings and keep your eye out for the latest trends and happenings on all things bridal?

Then check out this list, complete with pointers from Ms Vernetta Lopez, wedding planner at Eternally Yours and Ms Kim Tay, head concierge of Wedding Concierge.


Go for colours like white and silver, and clean, simple styles. In other words, avoid red and gold.

You can also opt for bright fresh colours like yellow, lime green and fuchsia pink.

Don't blindly follow trends though; it's your wedding after all.Some couples just go for what they like best or  what suits the venue.


Here's an idea - make it a family affair.

It's getting more popular to have friends and family help out in the proposal.

Ms Tay recalled one example where the guy proposed to his girlfriend in a private room at a restaurant, and once she said yes, his family members and friends waiting in the next room burst in and cheered.

Ms Lopez gave another example of a guy who dressed up as a clown and performed tricks in front of
his girlfriend. With his clown make-up on, she couldn't tell that it was him - until he whipped out the ring and proposed.

Bridal gown

Go short. Even at your dinner banquet, said Ms Lopez.

Tulle is a great material to play with for playful and adventurous brides, she added.

Feminine lace, combined with clean, streamlined designs are also sexy options.


Buffets are becoming popular, especially champagne buffets.

More couples are also opting for modern fusion cuisine, and someeven omit shark's fin soup and foie gras from their menus, said Ms Lopez.

Nine-course banquets are still a standard but increasingly,more couples are going for non-hotel reception venues like gardens, parks and even backyards of homes, said Ms Tay.

Six-course fusion meals ending with a dessert buffet are also trendy, she added.

Wedding favours

Couples are choosing wedding favours that are functional, not just pretty or cute, said Ms Lopez.

Examples include bag hangers, coasters, namecard holders, luggage tags and personalised towels.

Giving a cash donation to a charity on behalf of wedding guests is also becoming popular and is deemed more meaningful, because some guests tend to leave the wedding favour behind if they don't find it useful, said Ms Lopez.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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