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Mon, Oct 26, 2009
The New Paper
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Not shy about being Mrs Leon Lai
by Germaine Lim

NO MORE hiding.

It's been two months since Hong Kong singer- actor Leon Lai and celebrity model Gaile Lai's hush-hush marriage was exposed by the Hong Kong media.

The couple, who has been dating since 2006, tied the knot in Las Vegas in March last year. But while the couple kept a low profile during their courtship, Gaile, 29, was forthcoming when The New Paper asked her about her wedded bliss.

As far as this blushing newlywed is concerned, nothing's changed.

She told The New Paper on Thursday night: 'The marriage has been good. We think of each other as friends. For us, life hasn't been any different from when we were boyfriend and girlfriend.' Gaile, who arrived on Wednesday, was in town for a gala dinner at Changi Exhibition Centre on Thursday night.

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The celebrity model turned up in a cocktail dress and nude heels with black bows from the Valentino Spring 1 2010 collection. She completed her outfit with a clutch from the Garavani Spring 1 2010 collection.

But something was missing: The wedding ring.

Gaile reportedly told Hong Kong media that she doesn't wear it when she's working for fear of misplacing it.

Rumours of Leon, 43, and Gaile's secret union began circulating in March last year but the couple flatly denied it. According to Hong Kong's The Sun newspaper, she was bound by various endorsement contracts which forbade her to get married.

Violating the terms of the contracts would mean she would have to pay large amounts as compensation. Two months ago, the cat was finally out of the bag.

The relentless Hong Kong media managed to obtain a record of the couple's marriage registration through a Nevada website.

Turns out the pair had held their wedding at Las Vegas' Wynn Hotel in March last year. Only their closest friends were said to have been present. But while Leon is known for being tight-lipped about his personal life, Gaile was friendly and candid throughout our short interview.

Within a few hours of her arrival, the adoring wife revealed how she had already snagged a present for her husband: Fishballs.

A beaming Gaile said: 'We (she and her manager) went to the supermarket yesterday (Wednesday) and I bought a few packets of fishballs and assam and belachan paste.

'He loves fishballs so maybe I'll make laksa since I have the assam paste and I'll throw the fishballs in.'

Gaile, who is an avid cook, added that she can whip up a mean rack of lamb in red wine sauce. So the old saying 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' holds true.

When pressed about their honeymoon, she declined to reply but not without first flashing a sweet smile.

What about the pitter patter of little feet? Speculation has been rife since Gaile was spotted by Hong Kong media with a slightly protruding stomach early last month. A glowing Gaile said they have no plans to have a baby.

She added: 'We haven't set a specific age as to when we'd like to start a family. When it happens, it happens. We're not going to think too much about it.

'Right now, we just want to enjoy working and each other.'

As for Leon, perhaps he's also taking the cue from his wife.

Since he hooked up with Gaile, the Heavenly King has reportedly started opening up more, and the Hong Kong media credits the change to Gaile's cheerful personality.

Early this month, Hong Kong reporters asked Leon if Gaile's presence in his life has helped him in his career. He reportedly said: 'She's always been by my side.'

More significantly, he introduced Gaile as his wife when the pair attended a party his friends had thrown early this month.

His fans have also been supportive of the relationship. In August, The Sun reported that Leon's fans had plans to throw a celebratory party for the couple when news of their secret nuptials came to light.

Leon's behaviour is in contrast to when he dated Taiwanese actress Shu Qi after meeting her on the set of 1998 romance film City Of Glass. He never once admitted to their relationship. Leon's fans also disapproved of Shu Qi because of her background as a former soft porn actress, reported Apple Daily.

As a result, the pair kept a low profile, and broke up in 2004.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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