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Thu, Jul 03, 2014
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Love match
by Jocelyn Lee

He not only bagged the Best Actor title at the annual Star Awards a few months ago, but local actor Pierre Png has been romancing the hottest MediaCorp actresses in his television dramas.

The leading man of the day is currently starring in the Channel 8 drama In The Name Of Love.

It airs on weekdays at 9pm, opposite on-screen love interests played by Julie Tan, 21, and Felicia Chin, 29.

He had previously played the lovers of Caldecott Hill "Ah Jies-in-waiting" Joanne Peh, 31, Jeanette Aw, 35, and Rui En, 33.

For his latest drama, Life Is Beautiful, which starts filming today, the 40-year-old reunites with Rui En.

Png, who is married to former actress Andrea De Cruz, 39, compares his on-screen partners...


The pairing of Png and Rui En for TV is not new.

They had previously played husband-and-wife in the well-received drama A Tale Of 2 Cities (2011) and The In-Laws (2011).

"We have taken turns to chase each other in the past dramas we worked on. In (Life Is Beautiful), she is supposed to be the one wooing me," Png said.

He sang praises of Rui En, saying that she is "very genuine" and "great to work with".

He said: "The love between us will be natural and convincing.

"We will work some magic this time round."


Png admits that as a guy, he does not like to be challenged, which is why he finds Chin "the easiest to fall in love with".

"Felicia is goofy and gung-ho. She is willing to try anything and is just like one of the guys," he said.

"She is the kind of girl who falls down and picks herself up without crying in pain."

Png, who said he has known Chin since she entered showbiz in 2003, added: "How do you not fall in love with someone like that? I have a soft spot for her."


The 19-year age gap between Tan and Png was the talk of the town when it was revealed that the two would be playing a couple in In The Name Of Love.

Png could feel the difference in their energy levels right from the start.

On his first time acting opposite Tan, Png laughed and said: "Julie is always so energetic. Sometimes after a long shoot, she is still so energised and looks like she can go on for another seven hours, when all I want to do is to go home and sleep."

He added: "It's something new and I wasn't prepared for it, which makes it a bit more challenging."


Having played Peh's husband in Pillow Talk (2012) and Your Hand In Mine (2009), Png describes her as a "very precise and giving actress".

"I have good chemistry with her, and she is confident in every role she takes," he said.

"The younger actresses have a long way to go before they reach the ranks of Rui En, Joanne and Jeanette."


Now that he has romanced so many younger MediaCorp actresses on-screen, Png wants to "fall in love with Xiang Yun next".

"I am starting to feel comfortable with myself and my acting only now," he said.

"With Xiang Yun's many years of experience, I think it will be great to act opposite her.

"I want to play a younger man who falls in love with an older woman like her, and chases after her."

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This article was first published on July 1, 2014.
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