updated 25 Jan 2010, 16:30
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Mon, Jan 25, 2010
The Straits Times
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Partner not perfect? Not a problem

A $1.25 MILLION television advertisement campaign which starts tomorrow aims to get Singapore's singles to have realistic expectations about relationships.

A 2006 survey found many respondents to be waiting for a suitable partner. Official statistics also show that the median age of first-time brides and grooms has been increasing over the years.

Mr Richard Tan, director of communications and international relations at the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, which is behind the campaign, said: 'It's to tell people that in any relationship, there will always be flaws, there will always be imperfections but you can build on a relationship without this imperfection affecting it.'

The ad broaches two themes, interracial relationships and the taboo subject of funerals, where a widow talks about her late husband's flaws and what they meant to her.

Produced by award-winning film director Yasmin Ahmad, 51, it was inspired by her relationship with her husband. The imperfection she likes about her husband: his crooked teeth.

The ad garnered positive reactions at a preview screening for media and invited bloggers yesterday.

'It's not rah-rah. It's more realistic. It features tragedy, sadness, humour and uplifting feelings,' said paper designer and blogger Aida Haron, 45.

To further tap the power of new media and reach the younger, Internet-savvy generation, the ministry has also made the ad available on YouTube.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

readers' comments

i completely agree with you. there's nth wrong with changing for the better. won't a relationship become stale if things stay the same forever? haha.

in other news, yasmin ahmad is a legend. tt was a rly gd ad. RIP.
Posted by smokeytambam on Thu, 14 Jan 2010 at 12:14 PM

sometimes changing is for the better. changing doesnt mean changing who u are but changing to be the BETTER version of yourself. eg: getting a better job. it's like upgrading your ownselves. nothing wrong with changing
Posted by Nobizuka on Mon, 9 Nov 2009 at 15:03 PM

Sometimes, people are too selfish. They only think about themselves, even though they claim to love their partners very much. Basic instinct kicking in i supposee..
Posted by rumple_baby on Sun, 2 Aug 2009 at 00:59 AM

I have counselled many young couples and my advise is always that...marriage is a commitment and not a love is commitment to love that someone "for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health....". Many couples think that they have found their ideal partner, sometimes with the misconception that, "if you love me enough, you will change for me"...ever asked yourself what if your partner thinks, "if you love me enough, you will accept me as I am"?...Just accept that no one is perfect, and that includes you and me...otherwise marriage or for that matter, any realtionship, will be very trying...
Posted by kooldog59 on Sat, 1 Aug 2009 at 23:27 PM
first of all nice article.
2nd I think anyone deserve to choose a partner for life, picky? better than regret later.
Posted by clevergirl on Sat, 1 Aug 2009 at 22:08 PM
Are Singaporean singles having too high expectations of their partners? Maybe it's best not to settle for second best.
Posted by Forum goddess on Fri, 31 Jul 2009 at 11:15 AM
$1.25M is not alot. This show how much damage control needs to be done in attempting to change people's mindsets.
Posted by kalypsoh on Tue, 7 Apr 2009 at 12:40 PM
Singapore and its eugenics.
Posted by magickenfly on Tue, 7 Apr 2009 at 12:28 PM
i can't believe that $1.25mil is being pumped in just to "get Singapore's singles to have realistic expectations about relationships"...
Posted by yusaziz90 on Mon, 6 Apr 2009 at 22:46 PM

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