updated 13 Mar 2014, 19:22
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Mon, Mar 10, 2014
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Hitting pinata with her ex's face highlight of party

When Madam Daisy Lim, 36, got married five years ago, she did not have a hen's night because she felt that it was "too Westernised".

Last November, she checked into Marina Bay Sands hotel and celebrated her divorce in style - complete with wine, dance and a strapping stripper.

The IT resources director paid party planner Happy Moments $5,000 to put the night together. The money did not include the one-night hotel stay.

Madam Lim told The New Paper that a friend had suggested it after "I got drunk six nights in a row". She said: "I was hurting badly and I guess I wasn't ready for the divorce."

Madam Lim admitted that she first thought the idea of a divorce party "sounded totally ridiculous".

"But I needed a reprieve from my own agony. I needed to take my mind off the divorce," she said.

Madam Lim did some research online, called up four party planners and compared notes before she picked Happy Moments.

On the day of the party, she left the room to the organiser after she had checked in.


When she returned at 6pm, she found a 2m-long banner hoisted across the wall: "Say Hi To Your Freedom".

A male stripper, who was dressed in a suit, presented her with a sash that read "Sassy Single Suddenly".

He also handed her a rod and pointed to a donkey pinata hanging from the ceiling. Plastered on the head was a 3-D mugshot of her ex-husband.

Madam Lim said: "Despite spending $3,000 on the stripper, hitting the pinata was still the highlight of that night.

"I don't think I had cried and laughed so much, all in one night."

Her friend, who wanted to be known only as Elise, said: "It's not like Daisy recovered miraculously after the party, but by the next morning, she was at least calm and could tell us more confidently, 'I'd be able to get that man out of my system.'"

Madam Lim said: "Well, the divorce party made me realise that I have friends who love me very much, and that life can still be beautiful."


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