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Tue, Feb 18, 2014
The Straits Times
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Is a ring forever
by Sumiko Tan

I wore both rings for a while after we got married, but soon retired the engagement ring.

Yellow gold and white gold don't look good together. The diamond bit also kept catching on my clothes and I had a fear it'd scratch my eyeballs.

I've hardly worn the engagement ring since, but I wear my wedding band night and day, as does he.

Which led me to wonder recently: If we are to wear our rings forever, why not get ones that suit us better?

It's not that we don't like our rings - we do - but we also know that a thinner one would look better on him, and something whiter would look prettier on me.

Or is that not the done thing?

Is there some etiquette connected to this? Is it bad luck to change your wedding ring? Bad form? Hurtful to the other?

What value should one place on a wedding ring? If you can discard a wedding ring, what else can you discard in your marriage?

If one of us were to lose our ring or have it stolen, I'd be upset, for sure, so why might it feel okay to abandon this ring for another?

How important is a ring - and that particular ring - to the marriage? Or is a ring just a round metal object you can swop anytime, because what is more important is to live by the values a ring, any ring, symbolises?

I asked my mother, but she was in no position to give advice as her gold wedding ring broke soon after she got married, and she doesn't wear rings.

In any case, H and I went in search of wedding rings last weekend, in the name of Valentine's Day.

We checked out the shops at the Ion Jewellery Street and didn't see anything we liked. But we found a pair in rose gold at Tiffany in Ngee Ann City that looked terrific on both our fingers.

But we haven't made up our minds whether to change rings.

It's a tough call.

Hopefully, we have many more years ahead of us to decide.


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