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Thu, Jun 13, 2013
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Actress Sharifah Nadia faces jail time for husband abuse

We've all heard of husbands abusing their wives, but in a shocking role reversal, actress Sharifah Nadia, who's in the middle of a bitter divorce from businessman Lob Mahadir Abdul Shukur, has been accused of attacking her husband!

Sharifah, star of the 2007 rom-com Diari Romeo, has been charged with injuring her soon-to-be ex by scratching him and she faces up to a year in jail—plus a RM2,000 fine (S$791) — if she's found guilty. However, the mum of three says that public and media judgment of her is far worse than the courtroom battle.

"Whenever someone reads a story about a female artiste accused of injuring her husband, and my picture is published next to it, that has an impact on me," says the 32-year-old. "What the public doesn't know is the real story of what happened and I'm sorry to see some people making false speculations."

Sharifah, who traded her movie career for smaller roles on TV to focus on her family, blames the media for portraying her as a villain and says the bad press has caused public opinion of her to sink. But she insists she only needs to defend herself in court and that the truth will come out eventually.

"Whatever people want to say about me, let it be, because only Lob and I know what had really happened. I don't need to explain anything to anyone else," she says. "I just hope that the case can be settled very soon."

Sharifah and Lob separated in September last year. They have three children—Lob Ahmad Dani, six; Puteri Anis Khairah, five; and Lob Umar Faiq, three. Sharifah has also filed a countersuit against Lob, 40, claiming that he has physically abused her in the past.

Source: mStar Online

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