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Wed, Jun 05, 2013
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He spent $8,000 for a 5-sec kiss
by Jocelyn Lee

SINGAPORE - He spent more than $8,000 on 50 bottles of Remy Martin Club in one night and won the opportunity to kiss busty Chinese model-actress Gan Lu Lu.

Mr Eric Xu, a Chinese entrepreneur who specialises in immigrant investments in Singapore, told The New Paper in Mandarin: "I felt quite excited and was looking forward to it, but after the kiss ended, I started to feel a little shy and did not dare look her straight in the eyes."

The 25-year-old, who has been working here for seven years, did not feel the pinch in splurging close to a five-digit sum on drinks, adding: "It was very worth it because Gan Lu Lu is quite well-known back in China. But I probably would not date her in real life because she is a celebrity and we will not have any privacy together at all."

Mr Xu was one of the 500 people who turned up at Club Lava in Chijmes to see the sexy 27-year-old Chinese model in person. She was here for the club's opening night on Saturday.

Club Lava paid Lu Lu $40,000 for the appearance. The nightspot plays mainly Top 40s commercial hits, and targets affluent working adults in their 20s and 30s.

The highest spender in the club that night would have the chance to kiss Lu Lu on the lips on stage for 10 seconds.

So when Mr Xu was chosen, he accepted the challenge and took the initiative by hugging Lu Lu's waist and then holding her face before leaning in for a kiss. Lu Lu, however, looked shy and pulled back after a mere five seconds.

On the challenge, the media-savvy Chinese model said in fluent Mandarin: "I've never done something like this back home in China. Perhaps the people in Singapore are more open-minded. It was good as long as everyone had a happy time playing the games."

She added: "I saw a handful of handsome guys in the crowd today. They are quite well-dressed and good-looking!"

Lu Lu, who turned up the heat in the club in her provocative red mini dress that showed off her ample assets, also performed three songs from her new full album Xiao San, which translates to The Third Party in English.

Even though it was obvious she was lip-syncing, the enthusiastic crowd, consisting mainly of affluent Chinese students or young Chinese adults working here, cheered her on with catcalls and wolf whistles while snapping photos of her with their mobile phones.


The 1.6m model also did a catwalk show on stage with two guys who were picked by the club. One of them was fashion stylist Rain Wang.

The 30-year-old, who moved here from China five years ago and has become a permanent resident, spontaneously held Lu Lu's hands as they strutted down the short length of the stage and posed for the cameras.

Mr Wang said it was an unforgettable experience to be able to meet a Chinese celebrity.

He said: "She really has a very good figure, I was checking out her hot bod while on stage."

Lu Lu also played a suggestive "suck and blow" game using jelly shots with some members from the audience. The game lasted for five to 10 minutes.

Chinese student Jimmy Liang spent more than $2,000 on drinks at the club, and was picked to go on stage to play the game. The 21-year-old had to "suck" the alcohol in a small tube from one end, while Lu Lu had to "blow" it from the other end.

Being able to see a famous personality up-close was unbelievable for Mr Liang, who said: "I felt like my legs were soft and shaking. I was so nervous. She is very pretty in real life and is very friendly."

He added: "When we were playing the game, I kept asking myself, 'Is this really happening?'"

Even though Lu Lu, who is currently single, did not find a suitor from her appearance at the club, she had indicated earlier that she does not mind dating a Singaporean guy and eventually marrying him.

She said before the event started: "If I get to marry a Singaporean and can become a Singaporean citizen, it would be like I struck the lottery! I would keep my eyes open for any great guys who come my way."

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