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Tue, Jun 04, 2013
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'We have always been close'
by Jocelyn Lee

The chatty woman, who is now Lu Lu's manager, explained that Lu Lu had been trying to make it big in the Chinese entertainment industry for almost 10 years - since she was 18 - taking on bit roles and small endorsement gigs, but there was no breakthrough.

She revealed that they reached a point when they felt like giving up as they realised it might be impossible to realise Lu Lu's dream of becoming a star.

Madam Lei said in Mandarin: "My daughter needed only that one big news point to make headlines.

I was simply taking a different route to get her into the news. At that point, I told myself if the video works, it would be worth it. If it failed, then maybe it could help her find her future husband."

No, Lu Lu did not score a date because of that video, but it did make her very well-known.

When asked about this, Lu Lu, who is currently single and apparently reluctant to talk about the incident any more, said: "I don't think it's good or bad, or right or wrong. People always say that I became famous overnight due to that video, but the truth is I have worked really hard for almost a decade, but they didn't know me."

Madam Lei said that she and Lu Lu have always been very close despite Chinese reports saying that they have a tense mother-daughter relationship after the video incident.

She said: "Yes, sometimes we do scream at each other or even hit each other but it's just the way we express ourselves. After a while, we let it go. If it's my fault, I keep quiet and stop arguing with Lu Lu."

The model from Henan province started her showbiz career as an actress, most notably in the 2010 Chinese movie Aftershock playing a teacher.

She also played a secretary in the 2011 Chinese movie Inseparable, which starred Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu and US actor Kevin Spacey.

After her infamous video, Lu Lu turned to modelling and made appearances at car shows, earning her titles like China's Top Nude Model, Queen of Controversy and Sexy Goddess.

Along the way came a very suggestive photoshoot done in late 2011 for a breast cancer campaign which showed Madam Lei posing behind her topless daughter and covering the latter's nipples with her hands.


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