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Thu, Jan 10, 2013
Simply Her
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"How I keep myself from straying"
by Tracy Heah

"I bought myself The Rabbit, the best vibrator on the market. It's an investment in my marriage. My husband travels a lot and I often go for after-work drinks with my colleagues, who are mostly male. I have a few drinks, flirt a little, then take a step back and go home to my Rabbit." - Charlotte Jacobs, 36, works in the IT industry

"I allow myself only one after-work drink with my male colleagues and never on a Friday night, when the end-of-the-week buzz amplifies temptation." - Hong Wern-Yi, 32, financial analyst

"It was fun to reminisce and flirt with my exes and male acquaintances through Facebook, but I realised that if I felt like I needed to hide these conversations from my husband, there must be something wrong, so I unfriended them all in one fell swoop." - Jamie Ann Oliveiro, 30, homemaker

"Years ago, my affair with a client cost me my job and my husband. I'm now married again. Now, the only flirting I do is with my husband and occasionally the kopitiam uncle, to get an extra piece of chwee kueh for my husband's breakfast." - Janet*, 43, consultant

"I used to love getting all dolled up at the start of the day, and my husband kept saying it would be a matter of time before someone stole me away because I was too beautiful to be with a guy like him. I now go out without makeup on most days. I only dress up when I'm out with my husband." - May Sze Tang, 34, marketing manager

"I keep a picture of my husband in my wallet and on the back of my staff pass that hangs on my lanyard, and I wear my wedding ring. They're not just to remind people I'm married, but to remind myself of the vows I took. I have to wine and dine clients as part of my job and if I feel things are getting out of hand when clients get touchy-feely when they are high, I pretend to take a phone call and then excuse myself to sort out a work emergency." - Sharifah*, 39, works in sales

"I bring someone else with me from my team when meeting male clients. But when I met and got along so well with a prospective Italian client, who was handsome and charming, I almost regretted bringing two colleagues along. Thankfully that deal didn't go through and I lost his name card. I never saw him again." - Nora*, 44, account director

*Names have been changed

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