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Wed, Nov 14, 2012
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Male finalists snag top prize at Elite Model Look Singapore 2012
by Catherine Robert

SINGAPORE - It was a night of glitz and glamour at the 2012 Elite Model Look (EML) Singapore with a T-shaped runway stage at the Hard Rock Hotel Coliseum.

Held last Friday, a line of 12 female finalists glided on the runway in stylish designs sponsored by designer Gnossem.

The night also saw a first for the prestigious competition as it opened its runway to male contestants.

The seven hot male finalists duly charmed the audience, grabbing the attention of the many women in the crowd.

Is the modelling industry lacking a male presence?

"There is a strong interest among the male population here and for more Asian faces to represent them in fashion magazines and ads so we believe it's timely to create more awareness and interest among males," said a representative for this year's EML.

"Besides this, there has also been a strong Asian invasion on the international female modelling scene and we believe this will cross over to the males."

Their sculpted bodies left the venue steamy and it was no surprise that the judges were torn between two models, which led to two winners taking home the grand prize for the male category.

Two winners

NSman David Hong Kay Sung, 20, and Mr Berik Kazymzhanov, a 19-year-old student from Kazakhstan, swept the judges off their feet with their abs, broad shoulders and most importantly, their looks.

The two young men won a trip to either London or Milan, and they will be signed to Upfront Models Singapore.

Mr Hong told The New Paper: "I really didn't expect two male winners because it's the first time EML Singapore is having a male model category and also, there were only seven of us!"

But the two winners were far from complaining about having to share the grand prize. Rather, they were surprised at being picked as the best of the lot.

"I've been modelling for about two weeks and prior to this competition, I hadn't done any professional modelling," said Mr Hong.

Mr Kazymzhanov was slightly more confident, saying: "I hoped to hear my name because I did my best to be a winner."

Mr Hong seems to already have his itinerary planned when he heads abroad.

He said: "Meeting other top models and exploring a new country is what I'm most excited about. It would be really cool to meet more established models and hopefully learn a thing or two from the professionals."

Singaporean Lena Li Stewen, 16, a student, won the female category.

She will represent EML Singapore in the World EML finals in Shanghai in December.

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