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Wed, Jan 19, 2011
The New Paper
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What Marcus Chin's divorce tussle is about
by Kwok Kar Peng

Money no enough.

That's what actor/radio DJ Marcus Chin (top left), 57, and his estranged wife Murong Ying (top right) are claiming.

They are now in the Family Court tussling over maintenance money.

The couple, who have no children, were married for 23 years before separating in October 2008.

Chin's marital issues hit the headlines in 2009 when he began dating his personal assistant Eileen Cheah, 25. His image took a beating as he had yet to get a divorce from his wife.

Now, money matters are further driving a rift between Chin and Madam Murong, 54.

When they separated, he had allegedly written her a letter saying he would give her $5,000 a month.

He paid her that sum for eight months.

But for several months after that, he reduced the amount to $1,000.

In November 2009, the court ordered him to give her $3,000 a month and another $600 for the HDB loan installment.

She is now asking for a monthly maintenance allowance of $5,000, which he had allegedly promised her earlier.

He now claims he's not earning enough to pay that amount.

He also said in court that it was a personal promise he made to her, not a legal undertaking.

Much has been revealed about his finances and his relationships with his wife and lover in the court sessions.

Chin claimed he earns around $9,000 a month.

He and his girlfriend threw a 65-table dinner at a prominent seafood restaurant here when their baby girl was a month old in September last year.

He admitted it cost more than $48,000 and that his elder sister had paid for it fully.

He also bought one piece of jewellery costing $399 for Miss Cheah's mother and another piece of jewellery costing $1,200 to "reward" Miss Cheah for carrying his firstborn.

He had also spent $559 on a dinner to treat his family.

Chin denied that Miss Cheah was a third party in his marriage.

He had said: "I didn't want the rest of my life to be in sadness...I had lost all feelings for(my wife) in the last 10 years...Every time she was fierce towards me, my love for her (was) reduced."

He had also admitted that he was in the past famous in showbiz for being afraid of Madam Murong.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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