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Sat, Jan 08, 2011
The New Paper
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Lawyer says: "I was bait to trap Gary Ng"
by Vivien Chan

She had no qualms getting close to him.

Her motive? To expose "Gary Ng".

Ms Yeo Poh Tiang said that she offered herself as bait to lure "Gary Ng" so that she could trap him.

The 30-year-old lawyer told The New Paper yesterday that she also provided the police with leads that led to the arrest of "Gary Ng", whose real name is Chen Guilin.

She said that a few clients had approached her for help to recover some debts from Chen.

"We only knew him by his moniker and had no real information on him, so it was difficult to serve the writ on him," said Ms Yeo, who founded Yeo & Associates last year.

Ms Yeo decided to lure him to find out his true identity.

She contacted Chen, 28, through the Internet some time in the middle of last year. To gain his trust, she chatted with him on MSN and gave him her mobile phone number.

Ms Yeo suggested renting a $500 room in a five-star hotel and having dinner in the hotel before their "tryst".

Ms Yeo said she did this on purpose so that Chen would find it too expensive. She offered to pay and Chen agreed.

She was planning an ambush by having a female client hide nearby while they had dinner. Once the client identified Chen, she would call the police.

But the ambush was later called off and Ms Yeo,who plans to specialise in helping women with matrimonial matters, never met Chen in person.

Based on her information, she said the police arrested Chen at his home in Yishun that night.

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to eight charges, including the possession of obscene films, housebreaking, forgery and criminal breach of trust.

It was mentioned in court that his girlfriend, Ms Yang Baoling, 27, had reported to the police last year that he had cheated her of money.

Before his arrest, Chen, a former property agent, bragged about his sexual exploits by posting several home-made sex videos online using the name "Gary Ng".

But when it came to his face, Chen was camera-shy. In all his sex videos posted online, the faces were masked.

When he was interviewed by Razor TV in December 2009, he requested that his face be blurred out.

After his arrest, he managed to dodge media photographers outside the subordinate courts three times. But now, "Gary Ng" - as he called himself in his videos - has been unmasked.

Deputy public prosecutor (DPP) Paul Wong revealed in court on Tuesday that Chen is indeed "Gary Ng".

He told the court that "most of these obscene films were not purchased or downloaded" and that fewer than 20 of the 507 obscene films found in Chen's possession were not of him.

On Tuesday, as the DPP read out the details of his case and announced that Chen was "Gary Ng", the slim-built man stood quietly in the dock and avoided the gaze of reporters.

Occasionally, he frowned.

But when the judge asked if he admitted to the facts without qualification, he admitted readily. While it is not known how many women were captured

in the videos, some of them were filmed surreptitiously. In those cases, he concealed his video camera in a plastic bag with a slit and put the bag somewhere inconspicuous to film them.

He gained online notoriety and netizens gave him the nickname "Singapore's Edison Chen" - a reference to the Hong Kong actor whose sex pictures with various stars were stolen from his computer and widely circulated.

Chen titled his videos based on his partners' occupations.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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