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Fri, Oct 29, 2010
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Scary Spice Mel B on TV, love and parenthood

Mel B, or Melanie Brown, of Spice Girls fame is a straight talker. After one divorce, and a very public spat over the identity of her second daughter's father - she named Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy, she talks to E! Entertainment about her new reality TV show, E! Mel B: It’s A Scary World, and her roles as wife and mother.

She has two daughters, 11-year-old Phoenix Chi from her first marriage to Dutch dancer Jimmy Gulzar and three-year-old Angel Iris, who was fathered by Eddia Murphy. She is currently married to film producer, Stephen Belafonte, 35.

Q: Why do a reality show now?
I've been offered the opportunity for the past four years, since Angel was born, because people are so bloody nosey! Also since so much incorrect information and gossip is printed about you when you are a celebrity, this is one way to sort of set the record straight. I am a straight shooter, and what you see on the show is how we really are at my house. I wanted to be really honest with viewers; otherwise what is the point?

Q: What can viewers look forward to with the show?
Viewers can expect to see the organized chaos that is the life of Mel B. We can be eccentric but very traditional at the same time. What’s most important is that we always have fun. We juggle a lot of thing at once but we always make time for our kids and each other.

Q: How is the show different from your public persona? There is always a whirlwind of activity surrounding me and you will see that with the show.
I thrive on that. It would drive most people crazy, but not me. I’m giving me with the show, whether that be the good, the bad, the ugly, the hyper, the stressed-out, the crying or the supper-happy.

Q: What about having your kids on the show? Is that a good idea?
The show is not about my kids, but yeah, they pop in now and again. It's not a big deal. Angel especially loves having the crew around. In fact, when the cameras are not here, Angel will stroll downstairs and ask "where are all my friends?"

Q: Anything coming up for the Spice Girls?
We have discussed a stage musical like "Mamma Mia" and Judy Kramer (directed "Mamma Mia") is onboard. Simon Fuller is the driving force behind the idea, so you know it will be quality. We've all met once, so it is really just in the beginning stages of development at this point.

Q: Do you and the other Spice Girls keep in touch?
All the time mostly by email, text and telephone since we are all traveling and on different schedules, the last time we were all together was at Christmas. We've been best  riends for years, and that is something that doesn't go away.

Q: Let’s talk about your new album, is there a release date? Could you tell us one song off this new album and did you collaborate with any of you ex-band mates on this album?
Yes, there is a new album, but I don't know the release date or plans surrounding that yet.

However, I can tell you that the first single will debut in one of the episodes of my show this season.

Q: Would you do another Spice Girls tour?

Sure. I love the girls, I love to work and I love the money (chuckles), honey! Seriously, the Spice Girls are a big part of my life and I am grateful for that experience. If people want more and we are able to pull it together, you can count me in.

Q: Did you ever meet/work with Michael Jackson?
Actually, I did a charity benefit he was doing in London when I was very young.

I remember him as being very sweet, gentle and soft-spoken. He was so nice and accommodating to everyone there.

Q: What kind of mum are you?
I believe in total freedom of expression ... but FIRST you get your education. That means my kids do their schoolwork first, play second.

I think kids appreciate the comfort of having some structure in their lives, so my kids have to tidy up when it's time to tidy up, do homework when it is time to do homework,  and then play like crazy.

Q: Were your parents strict?
My dad had this LOOK he could give me. When he gave me that look that was all I needed to straighten up. I knew he meant business. But I was a pretty good kid anyway; I wasn't even interested in boys until my teens.

Q: What is your marriage like?

Stephen and I were BEST FRIENDS for eight years before we even entertained something more, you know?

One night after dinner, he moved in for a kiss and I was taken totally by surprise. We took some time to consider the next steps and then everything just sort of happened naturally.

He does my head in sometimes, but I love him to bits. He is the most supportive person in my life.

That is something I never take for granted and it is a strong foundation for a marriage.

Q: Are there any challenges having children from different dads all living together?
It is not an issue here.

They all live by the same rules and they all get the same love and support. Phoenix has known Stephen since three years of age, so it was not a huge transition when Stephen and I married.

Q: Do you feel that Hollywood provides a good environment for raising children?
My kids have the best of both worlds – they can go to a red-carpet event, but the next day they still have to do the chores. They get a strong sense of routine in their lives from me. I think kids need to know that their world has order and they look to parents for that.

Q: Are you writing another book?
Well, I haven't started it yet, but yes, I think I will. I would simply take up where the first one left off. I like writing like that -- it's good therapy for me.

Q:What is next for you?
Besides the new release of a new album out in 2011, I am working on a clothing line, and of course, I'll get that next book started soon. I am also a partner in a company called Real Water -- it is truly the best-tasting water on the planet.

Q:What do you do to relax?
I work out. I try to daily -- it is my "alone time," when I can think and sort things out in my head.

Treadmill is a big part of my workout. I walk/run (combination) about 5 miles a day.

Q: What made you move to LA?
I came here six years ago on holiday and I just loved the place -- the energy, the weather. I said "I want to live here" and that was that. But I am back and forth to the UK all the time; six times this year so far.

Q: What defines who you are?
No one thing defines anybody, but I have to say that I am certainly spontaneous if nothing else.

I have plans, but I am not a compulsive planner and I have no problem ditching plans for a better idea when one comes along.

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