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Wed, 16 Jan 2013
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Enrique Iglesias' mum is stunning at 62

The first thing that strikes you when you come face to face with Isabel Preysler, dubbed "La Reina del Glamour" by the Spanish media, is how captivatingly expressive her light brown eyes are.

She looks at you intently, engaging you with her eyes, speaking to you as if you were the only person at the party. Despite her international stature and renowned beauty, she has a way of making a person feel very comfortable meeting her for the first time.

The devoted wife and mother, entrepreneurial woman, journalist, celebrity, socialite, fashion icon, model and philanthropist stays true to her Filipina values of family first despite the demands of her multi-faceted life.

She maintains a close and loving relationship with her five children despite the rigors of having a successful lifestyle and fashion-design company, a busy social life and a high-profile public persona obsessively monitored by the paparazzi.

She once confessed to being discomfited by the constant media attention but has since resigned herself and accepted her fate as a celebrity and has used it to her advantage, organizing fundraisers for many of her charities.

Voted as Most Elegant & Best-Dressed Woman in Spain for successive years since 1991, Isabel Preysler often graces the pages of Hola magazine, Vogue España and other European publications.

A darling of European designers, she is just as comfortable in jeans at her well-appointed home as she is in a Valentino haute couture gown at a gala. She moves around in European social circles that include the Spanish royal family and Prince Charles and celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham and Hollywood star George Clooney.

Always impeccably dressed, Isabel Preysler is a fashion and beauty icon that makes not only the Spanish but also Filipinos proud.

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