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Bikini wedding photos defy tradition
by Vanessa Valerie Tay

MOST girls dream of getting married in flowy white wedding gowns, but one Shanghainese bride has decided to turn those ideals on its head. 

25-year-old Zhuo Qing traded the wedding gown for skimpy bikinis as part of her wedding photo shoot.

Her radical move has not gone unnoticed, attracting considerable attention on Internet blogs and forums.

On citizen journalism website Stomp, a netizen called Wedding Planner observed that while the trend has been criticised by the traditional Chinese community, the younger generations tended to be more open to the concept of having risque wedding.

In fact, some couples are pushing the boundaries and going the full monty for their wedding shoots.

Sexy, cliched, or innovative? You decide.

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Shanghainese bride, Zhuo Qing, has defied the norms by abandoning the wedding gown in exchange for a bikinis for her wedding photos. (Photo:STOMP)
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readers' comments
Flipping through the album at the wedding banquet would be like browsing an FHM magazine. =D, =P.
Posted by angmoboho on Mon, 13 Jun 2011 at 16:57 PM

The cruel rememberance of during younger days, everything also can 'up up'. After marriage and childbirth, whatever can 'sag', will 'sag' :D:p
Posted by mystrawberry on Tue, 24 May 2011 at 15:51 PM

Boy, I am finding you humourous today, last_laugh :p

In truth, or at least in Singapore, its not easy having to get a wedding shot done in a pool or under water in a wedding gown. No bridal shop will allow their gowns to be immersed into water and then having to get it cleaned up again. Usually they used 3rd or 4th hand wedding gown if a couple requested it to do the dip before it goes to the rubbish chute (probably at a cost to the couple to dispose them). No bride (or seldom) will want to have such shots taken not in their actual gown. So I guess, bikini more economical and cheap ;)
Posted by mystrawberry on Tue, 24 May 2011 at 15:45 PM
Wedding dress carries meaning like status for the bride and blessing from friends and religious god, eg in chinese/japanese/korean/indian culture. Thats why brides' dress is made of special materials like silk, and auspicious or loving color such as white, cream, light pink or blue in some culture.

The wedding photos are to be kept for life for friends and second generation to view, unless the couple is planning for another wedding with traditional dress with others, else this kind of wedding is like a game that has no lasting meaning.

If showing off the skin is wedding dresses, it signifies poverty, no enough money to get wed, only having enough to buy the head dresses and man's shorts. It tells how poor this couple is. Xia shiow, or shiu yet xai.
Posted by last_laugh on Tue, 24 May 2011 at 15:06 PM
Good, pretty, sexy, seducive, and memorable bikini wedding photos of her.... unlike meaty and blunt naked photos, these will serve as a good remembrance of how her angel+devilish body was like to her offsprings next time.... :D

Envy the groom and congratulate him the exclusive use of that great body and mind.... :D :D
Posted by Small Fly on Tue, 24 May 2011 at 14:48 PM
More like a personal portfolio to me than wedding shots.
Posted by mystrawberry on Tue, 24 May 2011 at 14:26 PM


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