updated 11 Nov 2013, 11:42
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Thu, 07 Nov 2013
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Kelly Chen opens up about her miscarriage of twin girls

HONG KONG - Singer-actress Kelly Chen appeared on Hong Kong talkshow "Telling Maria 2" and talked about the miscarriage of her five month ago twin girls in 2011.

She could not hide the pain she felt and bawled when she said, "One day I was taking a bath and suddenly the water broke.

"I didn't know what happened, so I called the doctor. He told me to go for an examination the next day then stay at the hospital.

"I tried to sleep, but I was in so much pain.

"I told my husband I didn't dare sleep as I would just wake from the pain.

"Several days after, I started bleeding so I went to see the doctor again and that was when I found out that I had a miscarriage."

Since giving birth to her son, Chace, in 2009, Kelly wanted to have a daughter.

To fulfil this dream, 40-year-old Kelly underwent in-vitro fertilization to conceive.

At the end of January, Kelly announced becoming successfully pregnant with twins.

Despite her excitement, she admitted that she worried about the stability of her pregnancy.

In her fifth month, Kelly announced her miscarriage. On her blog, Kelly wrote, "Last week was the toughest week of my life…. We put in our best efforts, but our twin daughters will not be able to live with us."

Kelly eventually got pregnant again and gave birth to her second son, Riley, in 2012.


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After going through a miscarriage, Kelly Chen gave birth to second son Riley in 2012.
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