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Stories with this keyword: babies

Roar of the tigress
Fewer baby girls are expected in the year of the Tiger, but not everyone in Singapore is so superstitious.
Language learning starts in the womb
Babies' cries are audibly shaped by the language they were immersed in before they were born, a study finds.
When moms get flu shot, babies benefit too
Study shows babies are bigger, healthier and less likely to be premature when their moms get vaccinated against flu during pregnancy.
Men want babies more than women
Expert says having a baby means a bigger lifestyle change to a woman than to a man.
Diva's Babies' Hall of Fame
Our readers' babies are just too cute! See what the little ones get up to and what gets caught on camera!
"So cool that kids see mum as cool"
AnnaBelle Francis is back in entertainment after taking time out to have babies.
Expose babies to 2nd language
Consistent exposure and one-on-one interaction enable babies to pick up more than one language.
The brilliant brain
Parents are paying good money for programmes that claim to train their young child's brain and enhance cognitive and social skills.
Things to know before and after pregnancy
Questions about before or after your pregnancy? Let an expert answer them for you.
Going ga-ga over a younger man
Who would have thought that my mother's latest object of desire would be - literally - a babe?

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