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Urban, The Straits Times
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Wong Li Lin and her post pregnancy

The actress has two children – six-year-old daughter Sage and three-year-old son Jonas – with husband, actor Allan Wu, also 37.

Weighing in: I don’t remember exactly how much weight I had gained but it was easy for me to lose the extra kilos as I have an exercise regimen in place and have always led a healthy lifestyle.

How did you lose the weight?

I’ve always maintained a fit lifestyle based on resistance training that is supplemented with some cardio work. It is a very effective system that fights the flab and keeps me in great shape.

Weight loss is a mathematical equation – output must exceed input – but regaining one’s figure is not just about weight loss.

Muscles must be toned to maintain shape. This is especially so after pregnancy as the body has been put under huge strain.

What do you think of the weight-loss techniques of Hollywood mums?

I think the bigger issue is people’s perception of needing to regain their pre-pregnancy figure at once. It is the projection of an idealistic or perfect body image and a blind focus on it that is unhealthy.

As a celebrity, there is some pressure to get back in shape fast but I did not let that get to me and lost the weight in my own time.

What are your weight-loss tips?

The key is to find a manageable workout that you can do for life. When you are smart about it, you can find a workout that allows you to do what you need to do in the shortest time for the most effective results, and to exercise wherever you are.

I do mainly resistance training and each exercise takes up less than two minutes. Resistance training is basically a form of strength training in which the body moves against an opposing force such as a rubber band.

This article was first published in Urban, The Straits Times.

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