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Wed, Jun 10, 2009
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Netizens sizzle over babe's bad attitude, implants
by Naveen Kanalingam

SHE won local reality TV show S Factor and stars in Chick Vs Dick, an online series about a battle of the sexes.

But 26-year-old model Yan Kay Kay has also been getting flamed by netizens.

Kay Kay had emerged tops among 12 contestants on the Channel 5 show, which pits girls against one another in challenges such as photo shoots and even wrestling matches.

One girl is eliminated each week, in an attempt to find the 'ideal' woman.

The show itself has many critics, who say it is in bad taste and degrades its contestants.

There have been allegations on websites such as Clicknetwork and YouTube that the show was rigged.

There was also speculation that Kay Kay's breasts are fake.

Some viewers felt she displayed a bad attitude on the show.

In an interview with The New Paper, Kay Kay said the online criticism got so bad she did not dare to speak to her parents for a week after the airing of the final episode.

She was afraid they would be disappointed with her after reading posts about her online. Her mother, who is rather traditional, is always asking her to be more selective in picking her assignments.

She said: 'I honestly didn't expect to draw so much flak from the public over the show.

'The moment I won, the haters just came out and started bashing me online.'

Boob job

She did get breast implants, though.

'If anyone asks me about it, I wouldn't deny it,' she said. 'I'd even give you my surgeon's number if you asked.'

She went under the knife two years ago.

'I'd wanted to do it for the longest time, so after doing a lot of research and talking to other girls about it I decided to have it done.'

She refused to comment on her previous and current cup size, but said she chose the smallest implant available.

She also said that she hasn't had any other plastic surgery done.

There was speculation that the show was rigged because Kay Kay had worked with both FHM Singapore (she was their cover girl for the September 2008 issue) and TV production company MunkeySuperstar, which were involved in the production of S Factor.

But Kay Kay said: 'I honestly felt that they wouldn't have wanted me to win.'

She said she felt that another contestant, model Sonia Krans, 27, would win.

Kay Kay got the most flak for what was seen as her poor attitude on the show, especially her frequent use of vulgarities and her comments about other contestants.

In one episode Kay Kay confronted another contestant, flight attendant Sherine Chua Ai Kee, 23, over a blog post the latter had written.

Kay Kay found the comments offensive and felt they were targeted at her.

She is shown whipping out a printed copy of the blog post and asking Sherine about it.

Kay Kay said she is still shocked at how she was portrayed reacting to the post, and added that the editing of the show does not always show the contestants accurately.

She said: 'It's very hard to show who the contestants really are especially when you have to edit hours of footage into 20 minutes.

'If I lost fans because of this show, then they didn't know me very well.'


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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