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Carina Lau: Nude photos my lowest point

In an interview with Taiwan's variety programme Absolute Entertainment, Carina Lau revealed that the lowest point in her life was when nude photos of her were released in a Hong Kong entertainment magazine.

According to the chinese section of my paper, seven years ago, East Week magazine published topless photos which the actress was forced to take by triad members in 1990. The magazine has since been forced to close and its former chief editor, Mong Hon-Ming, recently sentenced to five months in jail for publishing the photos.

The actress was kidnapped by triad members for refusing a movie role and there were rumours that she was raped.

When asked about the incident, she said, "It was a huge setback for me."

She also thanked Brigitte Lin (Lin Ching Hsia) for her words of wisdom at her time of crisis - "Face it, accept it, handle it, let it go".

On marriage and children
On her marriage with Tony Leong Chiu Wai, she enthused that "the commitment and sense of belonging has intensified".

She said that the major difference in their relationship now was the sense of having a common purpose. She has learnt to accommodate and support her husband's ambitions, which she said is the duty of every wife. She is also more careful with money, and is now in the habit of keeping accounts.

A happy home maker now, she also arranges flowers and spends more time on domestic matters to create a cosier home environment.

Tony Leung and Carina dated for 19 years before their marriage, and she admitted that the relationship was rocky at times.

In particular, his character and mannerisms can change drastically when he is wholly absorbed in a role. It was excruciating for her, but she learnt to live with it, and stand behind him.

Now 43, she wants to have children, but maintains that "it can't be forced", and won't consider artificial insemination.


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Best way to get publicity...
create controversy
Posted by on Fri, 15 May 2009 at 17:22 PM
Now 43, she wants to have children, but maintains that "it can't be forced", and won't consider artificial insemination

But I thought she confirmed her pregnancy some weeks ago??
Posted by lovemelovemenot on Fri, 15 May 2009 at 17:17 PM

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