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Mon, May 11, 2009
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Michelle Chia's bridal gear worth half a million

Actress Michelle Chia almost did not get to wear her bridal gown, reported LianHe WanBao.

Her day wedding dress, a vintage-style cocktail length-dress studded with precious jewels, was almost left out of the bride's repertoire of bridal gowns because the dress has been over-exposed by the media.

But Michelle decided to wear it at the last minute. Her colleague also commented that it was crafted with such care by The Wedding Present's designer, Patrick, so why not wear it?

Together with the sponsored jewellery that accessorised her dress, her dress was worth at least half a million Singapore dollars.

Shaun and Michelle married yesterday

Actor Shaun Chen, 31, went to fetch his bride, fellow actress Michelle Chia, 33, at 5.21am in a vintage Beetle car with licence plate number 9494 yesterday morning.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that Shaun's brothers', or male entourage of eight, arrived separately in five other vintage Beetle cars too. But the 'brothers' were stopped by Michelle's bridal posse, which included actress Dawn Yeoh.

obstacles posed by the ladies included demanding Shaun to don a bridal get-up and wear lipstick, and for the men to suck pacifiers and put on baby bonnets, bibs and diapers.

But Shaun was so eager to see his bride, the men eventually climbed over the main metal gate to get inside Michelle's house.

The bridegroom had a slight scare when he slipped and fell in the rain, but was unhurt.

He eventually got to see his bride when he handed over a $888 traditional hongbao after the usual haggling at the door. But as a sweet gesture, he put a note in one of the hong baos that read: "My wife is a priceless treasure".

And when he got to the room that Michelle was in, he had to say "I love you" in 10 different languages before he was finally allowed to claim his bride.

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