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Tue, Jan 21, 2014
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Naivety made me bare all... 'for fame'
by Jennifer Dhanaraj

She then reluctantly agreed.

Miss Lin admits: "I acknowledge I wasn't forced.

"But I was naive enough to let the photographers coax me into taking part in such shoots because they promised me a rosier future - one that would earn me more money."

She says: "I was just starting out and I now know it was a stupid thing to do."

Modelling agencies tell The New Paper on Sunday that lingerie and nude shoots do not guarantee aspiring models future success.

Mr Watson Tan, the director of Upfront Models, says: "The truth is that potential clients will have a bad impression of you if you have sleazy, distasteful shots in your portfolio. Brands will not want that.

"Whether you are clothed or not, your success depends on your look and the type of photos you take."

Ms Rowena Foo, managing director of Diva Models Singapore, says: "When we sign models to the agency, we usually send them a questionnaire to see what they are comfortable with. Even then, any swimwear or lingerie shoots will take place with notable clients and magazines.

"Of course, a cover of a model in a bikini on Sports Illustrated would raise the profile of a model but that's not all it takes for a model to become famous."

Miss Lin says that photographers who took explicit shots of her promised they would be for private consumption.

But she found out about a year later that some of these photos were posted on a local forum known for its users who upload nude pictures.

"My friends were calling me and I was so shocked, upset and angry.

"It's not like I could do anything about it. I just have to be grateful that they did not spread like wildfire.

"I vowed never to let my naivety get me into such sticky situations again," says Miss Lin.

"I bet that they are still using those photos to encourage younger models to take it all off."

But Miss Lin continues to take part in lingerie shoots because that's where the money is.

But she makes sure that she does not repeat her past mistakes. She says: "I am in control now. I bring my own underwear so I won't be conned. And I leave if I get too uncomfortable."

She says that it is a must to check the credentials of the photographers.

"Make sure you ask about previous models he has worked with, ask to see his portfolio and keep quizzing about what the shoot will entail.

"I just don't want younger models falling into the same trap I did," she says with a sigh.


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