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Mon, Dec 30, 2013
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Andy Lau fires 'stupid' personal bodyguard for hurting his wife

It seems Andy Lau was not kidding when he said he has a mean streak about him.

For the Hong Kong star has wielded the axe and sacked a personal bodyguard after his wife got hurt, reported My Paper.

He said in an earlier interview that a nasty temper lies beneath the mild-mannered personna that the public sees him in, and that he will get angry if people "are inattentive".

A failure on the bodyguard's part to pay attention to detail was probably what led to his dismissal after he accidentally jammed the car's door on Lau's wife while she was out shopping.

According to a source who is privy to the incident, the bodyguard saw a person who seemed suspicious and was simply doing his job when he quickly got Lau's wife into a car.

In the midst of the mad rush, he accidentally closed the door on her feet, injuring her so badly that she had problems walking.

Even though she forgave him in the knowledge that he was just doing his work, Lau showed little mercy and fired the "stupid" bodyguard.

Lau is fiercely protective of his family, and engages bodyguards to keep them safe. Earlier, when his wife was out shopping for their daughter, she had a bodyguard by her side at all times, and another guarding the door wherever she went.

He also spares no expenses when it comes to protecting his family. It is understood that the personnel he hires have worked with high-ranking government officials in Hong Kong.

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