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Sun, Mar 08, 2009
The New Paper
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Jean & Don's break-up was all hush-hush
by Germaine Lim

THEY have kept it under wraps long enough.

It has been more than a year since Class 95 deejay Jean Danker and musician Don Richmond broke up.

Don, 32, told The New Paper: 'We both agreed things weren't working out. We didn't want to drag it any longer than it should have been. On hindsight, it was beneficial for the both of us.'

Compared with their open admission of the one-year-plus relationship, which The New Paper reported in January 2007, their break-up was all hush-hush. The pair learnt it the hard way - they were unprepared for the attention after their budding romance made news.

Don, who admits there was pressure to keep it together, said: 'We were trying not to blow it out of proportion. For the first time in my life, everyone was interested in my relationship. It was rather daunting.

'Jean is actually more private than I am. I think it was hard on her with the media scrutiny. It got out of hand and we had to deal with it.'

As with most break-ups, it was initially awkward between Don and Jean.

But Don says they are back to being friends again.

'We were great friends before we got together. We can't be enemies forever. We're not 15 any more.'

Perhaps bitten by this experience, a cautious Don was reluctant to reveal more about his new romance.

The talk is that he's seeing another deejay, Chew Soo Wei, who hosts Pillowfight With Soo on 987FM in the early hours daily, except Sunday.

She also helms a language proficiency programme on English and basic Mandarin every Saturday and has hosted several roadshows.

But Don declined to confirm this. All he was willing to say is that they have been dating for about two months and that they have been friends for a long time.

'Plus, she has a great butt. Yes, go ahead and quote me on that,' Don laughed.

'You get to a certain age when you realise connection is very important. She's great. We know where we're coming from, and that comes from being friends. One thing led to another. It's a wonder why we didn't get together earlier.

'I'm definitely going to keep this as low-key and ordinary as possible.'

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