updated 15 Sep 2013, 16:26
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Mon, Sep 09, 2013
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Are S'porean girls "materialistic and childish"?
by RazorTV

A Singaporean woman's candid comments on the flaws of local women has been making waves on social media.

That's right, a woman lashing out at her own kind.

Captured on citizen journalism website, Stomp, the strongly-worded Facebook post said Singapore women are "materialistic, judgemental, slutty and childish" and these are reasons why local men are flocking to foreign girls.

According to a Razor interview with people on the street, most seem to agree that Singaporean girls do seem to love the luxuries in life.

Said one guy: "But at the same time, you can't really blame them, because sometimes you have to be pragmatic as well, maybe there's a fine line between being pragmatic and being materialistic."

And what crosses the line?

"Maybe going overboard in spending on excesses - like luxury bags. Once in a while is fine, but not every month."

Said one Singaporean woman interviewed by RazorTV: "It's a realistic expectation... it's not like all of them are going after millionaires, they just want steady prospects in the future."

Another Singaporean woman said: "Local girls are getting more choosy, I guess. We want high standards of living and have high expectations of guys material-wise, who doesn't want the best for themselves, right? But it's still subjective.

"Yes (they are) materialistic, to a certain extent. But again, this is the needs currently, so that's how they became, I don't think there is anything wrong," said a Singaporean woman who was interviewed.

But when it comes to being childish and immature, some say these may not be such bad traits after all.


"It's good to be childish sometimes. We laugh about stupid things, and these are the kinds of things that make great memories," said one young woman.

What about the accusation that Singaporean women have loose morals?

Most people that RazorTV spoke to disagreed with the 'slutty' stereotype portrayed by the netizen.

"Singaporean girls are hot, don't call them slutty please!" said one woman.

Singaporean guys seem to share the same sentiment. Said one of the women that he knows: "None of them are slutty, they know how to behave with guys, all of them are well-mannered, so I think this judgement are totally wrong."

Another male Singapore Polytechnic student said: "All the girls (I know) are ok, they are not as flirty as slutty as what was being said on Facebook."

"Judgemental might be true, but it doesn't apply to all the girls, it depends on how they were brought up."

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