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World's worst mums?


Nadya Suleman (pictured above)

Now a mother of 14 children, Nadya Suleman gained the attention of the media after she gave birth to octuplets in 2009.

They are only the second full set of octuplets to be born alive in the US.

But public reaction soon turned negative when it emerged that she was an unemployed mother who already had six young children and was on public assistance.

She was accused of neglecting her children while spending hundreds of dollars last year on services such as hairstraightening.

However, after visiting her house, social workers determined that the children were not in danger and should not be removed.

But she has also made attempts to stay in the public eye.

She made the adult film Octomom Home Alone in June last year. This was followed up with a single – Sexy Party – in September.

The single led to a controversy because the CD artwork pictured her holding her breasts on a bed surrounded by crucifixes.


Patricia Krentcil Krentcil gained worldwide notoriety in April last year when she was accused of taking her five-year-old daughter into a tanning bed.

Immediately dubbed the Tanning Mum, the deeply bronzed woman admitted to bringing her daughter into the tanning salon room with her, but denied allowing her daughter to use the bed.

In March this year, a grand jury refused to indict Krentcil on a child-endangerment charge for allegedly violating a state law that bans children from using tanning salons, reported NBC New York.

She has since been working with a selfstyled skin guru, Ms Dana Ramos, on launching her own line of self-tanners under the name Real Tan Mom Healthy Glow.

Krentcil, who has vowed that she will never set foot in another tanning salon again, has recently been trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame.

She claimed to the Daily Mail that she will be playing herself in a movie about her life.

This was just before she hit the New Jersey shore in April to pose in a tiny bikini.

And now she is looking to forge a music career. Last week the 44-year-old released a dance single aptly titled It's Tan Mom.

Reviews have been scathing. One site described it as "musical terrorism".


Farrah Abraham

This reality star, 20, surprised everyone by taking her four-year-old daughter, Sophia, to negotiate the sale of her sex tape.

Abraham, from MTV show Teen Mom, even caught the founder of adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment, Steve Hirsch, off guard, when she appeared with Sophia and her father during the business meeting.

She sold the tape to Vivid for US$1.5 million (S$1.8 million).

Abraham made the film with wellknown adult entertainment actor James Deen.

When Deen first leaked the news about the existence of a tape, Abraham maintained that it was filmed purely for personal use - something that Deen refuted.

News reports state that the tape was intended to be marketed as a "leaked" celebrity sex tape - hoping that result would launch her career in the same way reality star Kim Kardashian's tape did.

According to TMZ, the video, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, attracted more than two million visitors in just 12 hours to Vivid's site last week, breaking the record held by Kardashian, which attracted 600,000 views during the same time frame.

The counsellor for Teen Mom, Dr Drew Pinsky, described Abraham as "making horrible, horrible choices".


Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is not the only mummy in her kids' lives.

She pays a team of "supply nannies" to be her replacements to do all the "boring, mundane chores that (she's) too busy for".

In a commentary in the Daily Mail, the mother of three wrote that she has rarely been to her kids' events, including sports days and concerts or as she puts it "any of the can't-miss events that seem to make up most mothers' social calendars".

While the 37-year-old claims that she loves her children, she gets the most pleasure out of work.

"I outsource as much childcare and domestic grind as I possibly can," wrote the businesswoman.

She even claimed to have a nanny to take care of her children if they fall sick so that she doesn't have to take a day off.

Hopkins acknowledged she has her critics.

But she has a message for them: "There's nothing great about being a martyr.

It's also time for career women to let go of guilt.

"We need to acknowledge that there's nothing wrong with employing other women to do all the traditional 'female' jobs which - quite frankly - hold us back from achieving all that we are capable of."

Some disagreed.

One sobering comment online read: "One day they (her children) are going to read the things their mother has written about them, and realise exactly how far down her list of priorities they come."

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