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Sun, May 12, 2013
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Meet Malaysia's Angelina Jolie
by Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman

Sexy curves, pouty lips and a seductive gaze.

Meet Kilafairy, otherwise known as Malaysia's very own Angelina Jolie.

The resemblance to the gorgeous Hollywood A-lister is uncanny.

Like Jolie, Kilafairy is stunning.

But the actress-singer, whose real name is Syakila Nisha Jangir Khan, had a shocking admission to make over the phone to The New Paper.

"I've never had a boyfriend," said the 20-year-old who will be celebrating her 21st birthday next week.

Her high-profile doppelganger, in comparison, has had a dating history that involves a string of lovers, two ex-husbands and Brad Pitt, her fiance.

But don't rush to get her number - Kilafairy says she's not looking for a partner right now.

"I'm just not eager to find a boyfriend. I think my biggest problem is that I don't want to try," she said.

"I only want to be with one person my whole life.

"I've don't believe in dating. I want to wait for that one person that I will eventually marry. I will only date someone when there is a high chance of him being my life partner."

Kilafairy lists "religious", "nonsmoking and nondrinking" and "respectful of elders" as some of the qualities she looks for in The One.

"Of course, he must be understanding of my busy work life, put me first and love me unconditionally.

And I love big families, so he must be ready to have eight children with me!" she said, laughing.

That's probably as far as the Jolie comparison goes - Jolie herself is mother to six children (three biological and three adopted) and rumoured to be pregnant with a seventh.

Anything beyond that has Kilafairy amused. "I get (compared) all the time but what do you think? We're really different! Maybe it is my jawline.

I've been told my sharp features make me look like her," she said.

"Hey, it's a compliment for me but such an insult for her. She's beautiful," added Kilafairy.

There have been rumours that Kilafairy has had cosmetic surgery done to look the way she does.

But she denied it, calling them "stupid".

"I was born like this, and people who have watched me grow up know it, too. As long as they know the truth, it's fine by me. I don't bother with anyone else's comments."


Kilafairy said that it was her friends who were more outraged when they heard the rumours. In fact, she is now able to joke about them.

"It's become a running joke between me and those close to me. We just laugh it off," she said.

Barely out of her teens, Kilafairy is already establishing herself as an actress, singer and businesswoman.

Daughter to veteran 80s Malaysian singer Rohana Jalil , Kilafairy was exposed to the industry early in life and started singing at corporate events and functions.

The independent artiste, who is in the midst of recording a new single, released Pasti, a ballad, last year.

While she hopes to release a mini album in the future, she is putting that plan on hold due to her busy schedule.

The actress recently finished filming a Bollywood- inspired drama series, Cinta Agra, which was shot in Agra, Delhi and Kashmir.

She plays a smart and rich girl who is swept by romance while in India.

She also recently starred in a Malaysian telemovie called Mentolku, which aired on TV3 earlier this month.

In the romantic comedy, she plays a young woman who is afraid of the dark and decides to take up Muay Thai self-defence classes to protect herself.

"These are 'softer' roles that I rarely play so I like the challenge," she said.

Kilafairy is also open to action and fantasy genres and hopes to be able to execute her own stunts one day.


"I don't want to be stereotyped and I think it's fun to take on different challenges," she said.

This was also why she turned down several roles that required her to be "girly, sexy or bitchy".

"I'm still a new actress so I don't want to be typecast so early on in my career. Besides, I want to keep trying new things," she explained.

It was earlier rumoured that she turned down those parts after she received flak for her role in the 2011 horror film Karak, directed by KRU's Yusry Abdul Halim.

She was criticised for a sexy scene where she was wrapped only in a piece of cloth.

"I didn't think much of it because I did what I had to in order to play the character well. And if the scene required it then so be it," she said.

As if acting and singing weren't enough to keep her hands full, she also keeps herself busy with her boutique Rack.

Kilafairy, who graduated from Kuala Lumpur's Raffles International College with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Management, shares the venture with her elder sister, Shakira Idora Jangir Khan, 23.

"She is currently studying in Melbourne so it does get complicated because she designs all the clothes while I handle the marketing and accounts.

But we rarely argue and it's usually a smooth process," said Kilafairy.

Their other sister, Rosella Jangir Khan, 25, also helps out with the store from time to time. When asked how she juggles her responsibilities, Kilafairy said: "I try to make time for everything whenever I can. Right now it's still manageable because I am in charge of my own schedule."

For now, she hopes to continue her work in all three areas.

"It's tiring but I enjoy doing them all. Maybe when I am older, I might concentrate on singing but now, everything goes."


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