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Tue, Apr 16, 2013
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Nars Semi Matte Lipstick, Jungle Red $38

With rich pigment and a classy matte finish, this beautifully packaged Nars lipstick is so bold, it's a statement.

It looks fantastic on me and, going by the reactions I got, is certainly attention grabbing.

However, it's not as comfortable as it is stunning. The formula feels thicker than I would have liked.

This has amazing staying power - even leaving my lips redder than usual - after removal.

I'd wear this for an evening out or a special occasion, but not every day.

Available in 15 shades.

Available only at Nars boutique at Tangs Beauty, Tangs Orchard.

Kate Rouge HG , 1808 $23.50

Smooth and easy to apply, this Kate Rouge lipstick feels moist and makes my lips look fuller.

However, the formula is not as pigmented as I would have liked, and works more like a lip gloss than a lipstick.

With its subtle hue, this would be more suited for those looking for a natural look.

Available in 15 shades.

Available at selected Guardian, Sasa, Watsons and departmental stores

We love this!

Clé de Peau Beauté; Extra Rich Lipstick, R10 $105

At $105, this is a splurge but given the quality, this product is certainly worth it.

It's easy to apply - gliding easily onto the lips. It's smooth, even and feels light and moist.

It helps that it smells delicious too.

This lipstick is highly pigmented. All it takes is one swipe to give some bold colour.

Even better, the colour has staying power so you don't need to constantly reapply it.

I had to reapply at most three times during an entire day, with meals.

Lasting, vibrant and comfortable - it's not sticky and barely feels there - this is a lipstick I could see myself using daily.

The only gripe - the flat edge makes applying it to the corners of the mouth a bit clumsy as there's no sharp point to fill in "cupid's bow".

The product is certainly a pleasure to wear, but given its price, it had better be.

Available in 20 different shades.

Available at Clé de Peau Beauté Takashimaya and Tangs Orchard.

Some women are born with lips to stun. Think Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson - famous for their sexy lips as much as for their talent. The rest of us need a boost to make a statement with bright, bold lipstick. We give you the lowdown on three lipsticks on the market.

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