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Look good for spring
by Cynthia Loh

Nothing beats having some colour on your face to perk up your spirits. But applying make-up correctly should not be a hit-and-miss affair. Always remember to practise your techniques.

Besides finding the correct colours for your skin tone, the other secret to getting a well made-up face is in your tools and application techniques.

Getting it right on the first attempt is not always possible, so do remember to practise. Here's a tip for you as well: Don't wait until your next big date or cocktail party before you start dolling up. Find a day when you have some free time, then start trying out these tips provided by international make-up artist Pat McGrath, to begin experimenting.

For a fresh-faced look
To get that "radiant" flush in your complexion, make sure your skin is properly cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised first. Otherwise, make-up on dry, dull and flaky skin will dim the glowing effect you are trying to achieve, and make-up does not stay as long.

Layer on a sheer bronze shade onto moisturised face to achieve a subtle glow.

If you are fair, use a pink blusher and brush lightly onto cheeks, across the nose and forehead, as these are the areas that would flush naturally when the sun hits your face. If you have a tanned complexion, warmer colours such as peach, coral and apricot will look better.



- Anna Sui Face Color Accent G in 350 for face ($41, above left)

- Benefit's Georgia Peach Powder ($60, above right).

If you have an oily complexion, try Cool fit 12hrs Make Up Base to help your colours stay on longer. It is a foundation that tightens pores and regulates the production of sebum, while helping to cool and freshen the skin. ($39.90).
Available at and all major Sa Sa outlets, Watson's, BHG, John Little and OG departmental store.

Plump, kissable lips
Prepare your lips to look luscious by buffing them first with a soft toothbrush or a mild exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells. Scaly, dry lips will only make your lip gloss look patchy and discoloured when applied.

Pick the right shade for your skin colour. Fair-skinned types can try pink, and orange and red shades, while women with more tanned complexions will find that true pinks work for them. If you have very dark skin, opt for rose or magenta.

For the colour to stay, apply lipstick like a stain on lips, then blot the lipstick gently with tissue. Top off with a gloss for a glamourous pout.

- Anna Sui Lip Gloss in a barely-there baby pink (No 308) ($33)

- Becca Glossy Lip Tint - Rosita in Shimmery Fleshy Pink ($49, below)

'Open' your eyes

The best way to look groomed instantly is to have neat eyebrows. Untidy brows look cluttered and make eyes look smaller, so trim your brows regularly into a neat arched shape and stray hairs at bay.

If you have thin eyebrows, fill them in with an eyebrow liner. But if eyebrows are thick, tame your hairs with an eyebrow mascara.

Then, make your eyes come alive with a good swipe of shimmery pastel eyeshadow and 'open' your eyes with some mascara.

- Anna Sui Eyebrow liner ($36, below left) and Eyebrow Mascara ($33, below right)


- Sguard Rock On Mascara. Comes with a Mohican-cut brush, a functional two-way (short and long) brush to create curls in your lashes without clumping ($25.90, below).


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