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Thu, Nov 22, 2012
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HK actress shows off 5-month baby bump on wedding day

HK actor Chin Ka-lok was forced to drink a beverage containing beer, wasabi, vinegar and fermented bean curd before receiving his bride Angela Tong Ying-ying on their wedding day.

After swallowing the drink, the action choreographer almost threw up, as he was told that the drink had another ingredient — the breast milk of actress and colleague, Annie Man.

He was relieved to hear it was a gag but the wedding mayhem didn't end there.

Chin was accompanied by 12 groomsmen (including Ekin Cheng, Timmy Hung and Michael Tse, Chin) to receive his bride.

However, in order to do so, Chin had to 'prove his sincerity' to the bridesmaids. To do this, he and the groomsmen would have had to wear female stockings over their heads, eat a brown-coloured mixture off a baby napkin and sing songs. Understandably, they wanted to avoid this.

So, the men bribed a hotel staff to open the door ran into the suite, 'kidnapped' Charmaine Sheh and Margeret Chung, and demanded the bridesmaids hand over the bride.

But the ploy didn't work, as the bridesmaids used Timmy's wife, Janet Chow, as a human shield and blocked the groomsmen's path. "She's pregnant, don't touch her!" the women shouted.

The groomsmen had no choice but to prove their sincerity and do as they were told. Chin also gave the bridesmaids a red packet containing over HK$10,000 (S$1,579) cash.

The proceedings that followed were a bit more more conventional. A 55-table wedding banquet, decorated with white and green flowers (Angela's favourite colours) was held at night.

Currently five-months pregnant, the bride was seen wearing a set of sponsored jewellery worth more than HK$10 million and a sexy low-cut wedding gown.

Apart from the two-carat wedding ring, worth over HK$100,000 and designed by Toby Leung, Angela also wore a red ring given to her by the grandmother. The wedding was estimated at HK$1 million .

Later, the couple announced that they are expecting a baby girl at the dinner.

Their star-studded guest-list included Michael Miu and wife Jaime Chik, Jacky Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Eric Tsang, Aaron Kwok, Alex Fong Chung-sun, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Chingmy Yau and director Lau Wai-keung.

Jackie Cheung and Ekin also performed at the reception to wish the couple a happy marriage.

Chin, 47, and Angela, 37, registered their marriage, after a five-year romance, at the panda enclosure in Hong Kong, witnessed by pandas Ying Ying and Lok Lok, who has the same name as them.


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